Language Arts Core Curriculum Correlations


Reading 2003 - Grade 3
Student Text ISBN # 0-618-15718-2 (units 1, 2, 3)
Student Text ISBN # 0-618-15719-0 (units 4, 5, 6)

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The following chart shows how ClickN READ Phonics lessons are correlated with the sequence of phonics instruction in Houghton Mifflin's 2003 reading program for grade 3.
Houghton Mifflin ClickN READ Phonics
Unit Reading Selection
Story Title
The phonics learning objectives for this selection include the following /Sounds/ and (letters) Recommended
ClickN READ will reinforce these /sounds/, (letters), -affixes, word families, & high frequency words. These /sounds/, (letters), -affixes, and high frequency words will be introduced in a future lesson of Houghton Mifflin Reading.
1 The Lost and Found /a/, /i/, /e/      
The Ballad of Mulan /o/, /u/      
The Waterfall /a/ (a_e), /i/ (i_e), /o/ (o_e), /u/ (u_e), /e/ (e_e) 30, 31, 32 -s, -ed,
word families -at, -ed, -id, -and, -ent,
into, said, were, of, they, I
2 The Keeping Quilt /a/ (ai, ay), /e/ (ee, ea) 33, 34, 35 word families -in, -ank, -ump, /sh/, /ch/,
all, they, I, said, there, what
Anthony Reynoso: Born to Rope /o/ (ow, oa) 36, 37, 38 word families -op, -ish, -ap,
there, come, all, what, over, she
The Talking Cloth clusters, kn, wr 39, 40, 41 /a/ (ay), /hw/, -s, -ed,
word families -eed, -ay, -ook,
was, she, come, over, want, my
Dancing Rainbows /ks/ (x), /s/ (s), /sh/, /ch/ (ch), /i/ (I, ie, igh) 42, 43, 44 word families -ip, -ight, -ill,
my, want, by, was, or, know
3 Dogzilla final -f final -fe, /ou/ (ow), /aw/ 45, 46, 47 /ou/ (ow), /a/ (a_e), /i/ (i_e), /e/ (ee), -y
word families -ow, -in, -all,
her, saw, or, by, know, have, two
/әr/ (er)
The Mysterious Giant of Barletta /әr/ (ir, er, ur , or, ear), /or/, /ar/ 48, 49, 50 /k/ (ck), /ou/ (ow),
word families -ow, -ack, -est,
saw, two, one, have, very, says
Raising Dragons /j/ (j, ge, gi, dge, gy), /k/ (k, ck, c), /kw/ (qu) 51, 52, 53 /ou/ (ou), /ü/ (ew), -ing,
word families -ub, -ick, -ing,
he, very, says, one, me, we
The Garden of Adbul Gasazi   54, 55, 56 /u/ (u_e), /e/ (e), /ar/, -ing,
word families -ine, -ale, -ake,
me, be, he, we, their, who
4 Night of the Pufflings /âr/ (are, air, ear) 57, 58, 59 word families -um, -ock, -ide,
from, who, their, be, are, no
Seal Surfer   60, 61, 62 /a/ (ay),
word families -um, -unk, -ab,
are, no, so, from, go, any
Two Days in May /r/ (wr), /sh/, /hw/, /ch/ (ch, tch) 63, 64, 65 /a/ (ai), -er,
word families -uck, -am, -ail,
go, any, both, where, good
/ü/ (oo)
5 Across the Wide Dark /ü/ (oo), /u/ (oo) 66, 67, 68 /o/ (oa), /or/ (ore), /e/ (ee),
word families -eed, -ain, -ore,
where, friend, both, good, because, put
Yunmi and Halmoni's Trip /aw/ (ough, augh) 69, 70, 71 word families -ine, -out, -ane,
because, put, kind, friend, do
Trapped by the Ice! double consonants 72, 73, 74 /e/ (ea), /aw/, /әr/ (ir),
word families -ought, -ice, -aw,
find, move, do, kind, little, walk
6 Pepita Talks Twice   75, 76, 77 word families -ubb, -ell, - ife  
Poppa's New Pants /a/ (a), /e/ (e) 78, 79, 80 /n/ (kn), /r/ (wr), /ü/ (oo),
word families -out, -ing, -oot,
water, house, something, again, thought, bear
Ramona Quimby, Age 8 /j/ (g), /s/ (c) 81, 82, 83 /s/ (c), /or/ (or, ore), re-,
word families -ore, -oot, -orn,
bear, table, house, thought, earth, once