Language Arts Core Curriculum Correlations

Reading Street 2007 - Grade 2
Student Text 2.1 ISBN # 9780328108336
Student Text 2.2 ISBN # 9780328108340

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The following chart shows how ClickN READ Phonics lessons are correlated with the sequence of phonics instruction in Scott Foresman Reading Street 2007 reading program for grade 2.
Scott Foresman ClickN READ Phonics
Unit Reading Selection
Story Title
The phonics learning objectives for this selection include the following /Sounds/ and (letters) Recommended ClickN READ
ClickN READ will reinforce these /sounds/, (letters), -affixes, word families, & high frequency words. These /sounds/, (letters), -affixes, and high frequency words will be introduced in a future lesson of Reading Street.
1 Iris and Walter short vowel review 27, 28, 29 -ed, were, for, into, to, said, the, is /th/, -s
Exploring Space. long vowels with CVCE pattern 30, 31, 32 into, said, were, the, they, I -ed
Henry and Mudge and. consonant blends 33, 34, 35 /z/, all, they, I, said, there, what /sh/, /ch/
A Walk in the Desert -s, -ed, -ing 36, 37 -s, -ed, there, come, all, what, over  
The Strongest One /ch/, /sh/, /th/, /hw/ 38, 39 /ch/, /sh/, /hw/, what, come, she, over, was  
2 Tara and Tiree /ar/, /or/ 40, 41 /hw/, -s, -ed, was, over, she, want, my /a/ (ay)
Ronald Morgan Goes to Bat contractions 42, 43 /kw/, /hw/, when, such, my, want, by, was, or  
Turtle's Race with Beaver /әr/ (er, ir, ur ) 44, 45 /kw/, /әr/ (er), or, by, know, my, saw, her, or /ou/ (ow)
The Bremen Town Musicians -s, -es, -ies 46, 47 /әr/ (er), know, have, saw, two /e/ (ee)
A Turkey for Thanksgiving /a/ (a, ai, ay) 47, 48 /k/ (ck), have, two, saw, know, one  
3 Pearl and Wagner: Two. /e/ (ee, ea, y) 49, 50 /e/ (ee, y), one, two, very, have, says /ou/ (ou)
Dear Juno /o/ (o, oa, ow) 51, 52 -ing, he, very, says, one, me /ü/ (ew)
Anansi Goes Fishing compound words 53, 54, 55 /ar/, be, we, me, says, he, their  
Rosa and Blanca /i/ (I, ie, igh, y) 56, 57, 58 their, who, be, we, who, are, from  
A Weed is a Flower -er, -est 59, 60, 61 -y, -ing, from, are, no, who, so, go, any  
4 The Quilt Story consonant + -le 62, 63, 64 /a/ (ay), -er, no, any, so, always, both, go, where /ü/ (oo)
Life Cycle of a Pumpkin /ü/ (u, oo) 65, 66, 67 /a/ (ai), /o/ (oa), both, where, good, any, friend, because  
Frogs /ou/ (ou, ow) 68, 69, 70 /or/ (ore), ou (ou, ow), because, put, friend, good, kind  
I Like Where I Am /oi/ (oi, oy) 71, 72, 73 /e/ (ea), -y, put, do, find, kind, move, do, little  
Helen Keller and the Big. /ü/ (oo, ue, ew, ui) 74, 75, 76 /әr/ (ir), do, move, little, again, something /aw/ (aw)
5 Firefighter! -ly, -ful, -er, -or 77, 78, 79 something, water, again, house, thought /n/ (kn), /r/ (wr)
One Dark Night un-, re-, pre-, dis- 80, 81 /ü/ (oo), pre-, re-, thought, bear, water, house, table, once  
Bad Dog, Dodger! /n/ (kn, gn), /r/ (wr), /m/ (mb) 82, 83 /s/ (c), table, once, thought, bear, earth  
Horace and Morris but . /f/ (ph, gh) 84, 85 /j/ (g), /oi/ (oi), earth, ocean, table, once, believe mis-
The Signmaker's. /aw/ (aw, au, augh, al) 86, 87 /aw/ (aw), earth, high, believe, ocean, breath  
6 Just Like Josh Gibson contractions 88, 89 /ü/ (oo), /әr/ ( ur ), -ful, high, heart, breath, believe, noise -less
Red, White, and Blue: The. base words and endings 90, 91 /ü/ (oo), noise, bread, heart, laugh, noise, breath -ture
A Birthday Basket for Tia -tion, -ture 92, 93, 94 -tion, -ture, bread, thought, noise, laugh, awful, once, fly /e/ (ey)
Cowboys -ness, -less 95, 96, 97 /ü/ (ue), thought, fly, once, bread, been, earth, high  
Jingle Dancer mis-, mid- 98, 99, 100 /f/ (ph), high, laugh, earth, been, sometime, window