Language Arts Core Curriculum Correlations

Reading Street 2007 - Grade 3
Student Text 3.1 ISBN # 9780328108350
Student Text 3.2 ISBN # 9780328108367

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The following chart shows how ClickN READ Phonics lessons are correlated with the sequence of phonics instruction in Scott Foresman Reading Street 2007 reading program for grade 3.
Scott Foresman ClickN READ Phonics
Unit Reading Selection
Story Title
The phonics learning objectives for this selection include the following /Sounds/ and (letters) Recommended ClickN READ
ClickN READ will reinforce these /sounds/, (letters), -affixes, word families, & high frequency words. These /sounds/, (letters), -affixes, and high frequency words will be introduced in a future lesson of Reading Street.
1 Boom Town short vowel review 1-24* all short vowels  
What About Me? plurals with -s, -es 25-31* /th/  
Alexander Who Used. -ed, -ing, -er, -est 32, 33, 34 -s, -ed, short vowels, they, I, said, were, all, there /sh/
If You Made a. /e/ (ea), /a/ (ai, ay), /o/ (oa, ow) 35, 36 there, all, what, I, come /ch/
My Rows and Piles. /ou/ (ou, ow), /oi/ (oi, oy) 37, 38, 39 there, come, over, what, she, was, when /hw/
2 Penguin Chick syllable pattern V/CV, VC/V 40, 41 /a/ (ay), was, over, she, want, my  
A Day's Work ending "-le" 42, 43, 44 /kw/ (qu), when, such, my, want, by, or, know  
Pruddy's Problem and. compound words 45, 46 /ou/ (ow), her, saw, or, by, know, have, two /әr/ (er)
Tops and Bottoms spl- thr- squ- str- 47, 48, 49 /e/ (ee), /a/ (a_e), /o/ (o_e), /i/ (i_e), have, two, saw, know, one, very -y
William's House /sh/, /th/, /ph/, /ch/, /tch/ 50, 51 /ou/ (ou), /u/ (ew), very, says, two, one, he  
3 The Gardener contractions 52, 53, 54 -ing, he, me, says, very, we, fly /k/ (ck)
Pushing Up the Sky un-, re-, mis-, dis 55, 56 /ar/, me, their, be, we, who  
Night Letters /j/ (g, j, dge), /k/ (c, k, ck) 57, 58, 59 /k/ (ck), from, who, their, be, are, no  
A Symphony of Whales -ly, -ful, -ness, -less 60, 61 so, go, no, are, any  
Volcanoes: Nature's. /r/ (wr), /n/ (kn, gn), /m/ (mb) 62, 63, 64 -er, no, any, so, both, always, where /ü/ (oo)
4 Wings irregular plurals 65, 66 /a/ (ai), both, where, good, friend  
Hottest, Coldest. vowels with r 67, 68, 69 /o/ (oa), /or/ (ore), /әr/ (er), friend, because, good, where, put, kind -er
Rocks in His Head pre-, mid-, over-, out- 70, 71 /e/ (ea), kind, find, put, because, do  
America 's Champion. -er, -or, -ess, -ist 72, 73, 74 /әr/ (ir), find, move, do, kind, little, walk /aw/ (aw)
Fly, Eagle, Fly! syllable pattern VCCCV 75, 76 again, move, walk, little, something  
5 Suki's Kimono syllable patterns CVVC, CVV 77, 78, 79 /r/ (wr), /n/ (kn), walk, something, water, again, house, thought  
How My Family Lives. homophones 80, 81, 82 pre-, re-, thought, bear, water, house, table, once sub-
Good-Bye, 382 Shin. vowel sound in ball 83, 84 /s/ (c), /j/ (g), /or/ (ore), mis-, table, once, earth, bear, ocean  
Jalapeno Bagels vowel sound in ball 85, 86, 87 /oi/ (oi), ocean, believe, once, earth, high, breath  
Me and Uncle Romie -y, -ish, -hood, -ment 88, 89 -full, -less, /әr/ ( ur ), high, heart, breath, believe, noise /u/ (oo)
6 The Story of the Statue. /ü/ (oo), /u/ (oo) 90, 91, 92 /e/ (ey), laugh, heart, noise, breath, bread, thought -sure, -ture, -ive, -tion
Happy Birthday Mr. Kang schwa 93, 94 awful, once, bread, laugh, thought, fly  
Talking Walls: Art for. -tion, -sion, -ture 95, 96 /ü/ (ue), thought, fly, once, bread, been, earth  
Two Bad Ants multisyllabic words 97, 98 /f/ (ph), been, high, earth, laugh  
Elena's Serenade related words 99, 100 sometime, window, been, laugh, high