Language Arts Core Curriculum Correlations


Voyager Seacastles 2004 -Grade K
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The following chart shows how ClickN READ Phonics lessons are correlated with the sequence of phonics instruction in Voyager Expanded Learning, Seacastles 2004 reading program for grade K.
Voyager Seacastles 2004 ClickN READ Phonics
Unit Adventure The phonics learning objectives for this selection include the following /Sounds/ and (letters) Recommended
ClickN READ will reinforce these /sounds/, (letters), -affixes, word families, & high frequency words. These /sounds/, (letters), -affixes, and high frequency words will be introduced in a future lesson of Voyager Reading.
1 Sounds Around School letter names a-h      
Sounds Around Town letter names i-q      
Sounds Around Nature letter names r-z      
2 What is a Tree? /m/, /p/, /k/ (c), /f/      
A Home for Me is in a Tree /t/, /ă/, /d/, /s/ 1, 2 /m/, /ă/, /s/  
Trees Have Many Uses /n/, /ĩ/, /g/, /l/ 3, 4, 5 /t/, /k/ (c)  
3 What is a Plant? /b/, /ŭ/, /r/, /v/ 6, 7, 8 /d/, /n/, /ŏ/  
From Seeds to Plants /h/, /ĕ/, /j/ 9, 10 /ŭ/, /h/  
Orchards, Groves , and Gardens /w/, /z/, /k/, /ŭ/ 11, 12, 13 /g/, /r/, /b/ a, the
4 What is in the Air? /x/, /ŭ/, /q/, /y/, was, is, the, I 14, 15, 16 /b/, /ĩ/ is
Changes I See -at, -ip, -ad, -ap, -ug, see, a, said, go 17, 18 /p/ of
A Song of the Seasons they, too, me, are 19, 20, 21 /w/, /j/, /ŭ/ you, to
5 Is this Pet for Me? you, that, we, for, -ad, -ig, -est, -at, -ug 22, 23, 24 /f/, /ĕ/ for, into
Backyard Friends have, no, of, he 25, 26 /k/  
Do You See It? do, with, be, as 27, 28, 29 /l/, /ks/ (x) /th/, were, said
6 Bugs Here, Bugs There, Bugs Everywhere want, his, put, this 30, 31 /ks/ (x), /v/ they
I Can Be Like You like, from, my, put 32, 33 /y/, /z/, I all
Celebration   34, 35   /sh/, /ch/, there, what