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"We are enjoying the ClickN READ Phonics program and besides equipping them with much needed phonics skills it is increasing their self-confidence." Nancy Armstrong, District Standards & Curriculum, Ogalla Schools, Nebraska
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reading a z Improving reading outcomes is one of the cornerstones of the reauthorization of the No Child Left Behind legislation. No Child Left Behind represents a commitment by the federal government to ensure that every child can read by the end of third grade.

It is expected that a major benefit of this approach will be to reduce the number of children who experience reading failure.

A fundamental appeal of ClickN READ Phonics is that it is designed to enhance existing early literacy instruction for all children provided by schools. The incorporation of ClickN READ Phonics with these existing programs is designed to create a synergistic benefit for all children including those at risk of reading failure.

One of the key strengths of ClickN READ Phonics is that the scope and sequence is aligned with all of the major primary beginning reading curriculums being used in schools across America. Additionally, the scope and sequence includes the critical properties of effective beginning reading programs identified by the National Academy of Sciences and the National Reading Panel.