The Connecticut Framework, K-12 Curricular Goals And Standards
ClickN READ Phonics Exercise
Grade K - 4

CONTENT STANDARD 1: Reading and Responding
Students will read and respond in individual, literal, critical and evaluative ways to literary, informational and persuasive texts.

• select and apply efficient and effective word recognition strategies, including contextual clues, picture clues, phonics and structural analysis;  
  K-4: Students will learn and use effectively the complete variety of word recognition strategies to aid in comprehension. 1-100 ClickN READ Phonics program is a cohesive and intensive word reading intervention designed to provide children systematic and explicit supplementary instruction in phonemic awareness and word reading or alphabetic principle. Provides individual instruction in: (a) letter sound correspondence, (b) segmenting, (c) blending, (d) sound recognition, (e) word families, (f) silent-e words, (g) word endings, (h) decodable storybook reading, (i) spelling, and (j) writing.
CONTENT STANDARD 3: Applying English Language Conventions
Students will apply the conventions of standard English language in oral and written communication.
• proofread and edit for grammar, spelling, punctuation and capitalization;  
  K-4: Students will develop proficiency in using capitalization, punctuation, usage and spelling skills appropriate for their grade level. 14-100
Spelling Sight Words
Sentence Dictation