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The World's Best Phonics Reading Program!

"I must tell you that without this amazing program, my adopted child would not have made the great strides in reading she did during this school year. I had her repeat second grade this year, and thanks to your program, she has surpassed most of her classmates in reading (both oral and comprehension). Her ability to write and do dictations is remarkable, as well. It is truly a miracle. This program should be in EVERY school in the United States. Thank you, thank you, thank you."
Kathleen M., Santa Fe, NM
Why It Is The Best Reading Program Available Today
ClickN READ Phonics - Latest Technology Other Programs - Inferior Technology
learning to read reading tutor kid's learning
Beginning reading program that closely matches live expert reading tutor instruction.
On screen instructor speaks exactly like an expert reading tutor in a live classroom. Your child is taught by Dr. J. Ron Nelson because he wrote every word the instructor says. Instructor speaks perfect English pronunciation.
  Other Programs: Do not simulate live instruction. Books and flash cards cannot directly instruct. Use silly cartoon voices teaching incorrect English pronunciation.
 Beginning reading program that teaches the entire kindergarten to 3rd grade curriculum.
Your child will learn the entire kindergarten to 3rd grade phonics curriculum taught at USA public schools.
  Other Programs: Few, if any, other reading programs teach the entire school curriculum.
The fastest and most convenient way for a child to learn to read on their own.
Fast: Use it immediately no software to install. Convenient: Everything needed is built into the program. Easy: Simply login to your personal account from our web site. Access anytime, anywhere: From home, grandparents, library or any country in the world. No flash cards, videos, game pieces or CD's to lose or break nor piles of worksheets.
  Other Programs: Require confusing software installation, can only be used on the computer where it is installed, and contain numerous items that can get lost or broken.
Interactive learning to read program where children demonstrate learned skills.
Your child experiences the joy of self achievement. Answers are learned and not just given away. Children enjoy the challenge of responding correctly to move forward within a lesson. Program patiently re-teaches until the correct response is learned. Detailed assessment reports track what the child has learned.
  Other Programs: Gives away the answer when child responds incorrectly. Child may advance through the lessons without demonstrating they have learned the skills. Reports are worthless because child can guess until the program gives the answer.
Instructional programs that are great fun and so easy your children can do it all by themselves.
Children smile with self confidence and self esteem because they are learning phonics on their own. From login to completing the lessons, our program teaches children to work independently.
  Other Programs: Requires parent to first learn how to use it. Constant parental interaction in order for child to learn.
Industry Best 30-Day No Questions Asked Money Back and Our Completion Guarantee!
Risk free 30 Day no hassle money back guarantee, simply send us an email for a 100% refund of your purchase. We will also refund your money if, after completing all 100 lessons, you tell us your child did not learn to read. Applies to homes, schools and to those with learning disabilities as well as adults!
  Other Programs: NO other programs come with a 30 day money back guarantee AND none have a completion guarantee.
Homeschooling At Its Finest
home school Home school children are tutored by a nationally recognized professor.

Parents no longer need to be qualified reading instructors for their children to be taught by an expert tutor because Dr. J. Ron Nelson wrote every word the onscreen instructors say.

Home School phonics reading skills guaranteed.

Parents can purchase a beginning reading program with complete confidence that they are buying the best for those they love the most. ClickN READ Phonics is the ONLY reading program guaranteed to teach your child to learn to read or your money back.

Home School research based phonics curriculum.

Parents can provide the same research based reading instruction taught at USA public schools right in the comfort of their home school setting. Our phonics program is based on the same research, and contains the entire phonics curriculum taught at USA Schools.

Home school parents who have children with learning disabilities.

Parents with children who have autism, dyslexia and down syndrome, among others, no longer need to try to find specialized products designed specifically for a particular disability. ClickN READ Phonics has proven to work for many learning disabilities and special needs with both children and adults. We guarantee it will work, period, or your money back!