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Frequently Asked Questions

"ClickN READ Phonics got results Hooked On Phonics™ did not and I will be forever grateful. Almost immediately, my son was reading easily and having fun doing it."

"ClickN READ Phonics was the best investment I've ever made. Another plus to ClickN READ Phonics is its affordability. Thank you so much."

Steven Appel, Fort Plain, NY

What does it cost and when does my subscription to ClickN KIDS expire?

Home Accounts are a Monthly, 6 Month or Annual subscriptions. ClickN READ Phonics and ClickN SPELL are: Monthly $9.95, 6 Month $19.95 or Annual $29.95 subscriptions which auto renew at the specified intervals. You may use the programs for as many years as you desire and run each lesson as many times as needed. When a child completes a program you may delete that child and add a next child that may then complete the entire program again.

Home Accounts are also transferable. When you are done with the programs you may transfer your subscription to anyone you wish to give it to. They can then use the program for as many years as they wish. There is NO additional charge to transfer a subscription.

School Accounts are a 1-year subscription with significant institutional discounts to accommodate limited budgets and to purchase different numbers of student licenses each year to accommodate their changing annual enrollments.

What is the refund and satisfaction guarantee policy?

The ONLY reading and spelling programs to offer a completion guarantee. Complete all 100 ClickN READ Phonics lessons, or all 100 ClickN SPELL lessons, and if you are not satisfied that your child did learn to read or learn to spell, we will refund your money. This guarantee applies to both homes and schools as well as children with learning disabilities and adults!

30-Day No Questions Asked Refund. Should you ask for a refund within 30 days of your purchase we will not ask questions! Simply send us an email for an immediate refund of 100% of all payments made, regardless of how many lessons you have completed.

We have never received a refund request from a school and we have never declined a refund request from a home customer.

What will ClickN READ Phonics teach my child?

ClickN READ Phonics is a complete PreK - Grade 3 phonics curriculum. We teach letter sounds; beginning, middle and ending letter sounds in words; word blending; sight words; spelling sight words; word families; word endings, silent E Rule; spelling silent E words; making sentences; sentence Dictation, prefixes; suffixes; story reading; letter sound review; word recognition review. ClickN READ Phonics also reinforces listening skills and teaches basic keyboarding and mouse computing skills.

What will ClickN SPELL teach my child?

ClickN SPELL is a complete PreK - Grade 5 spelling curriculum. The curriculum includes the 800 most common used words in the English language. Mastering this list of words has been proven to be very successful in mastering English. For example, the most commonly spoken 800 words are used 13 times more frequently than the next most common 800 words. ClickN SPELL therefore provides a solid foundation not just for spelling, but also for the English language in general.

What age are ClickN KIDS programs designed for?

From a child as young as 3 years old who can comfortably operate a mouse to adults learning to read and spell English as a second language. Our school and home customers have proven that the programs are effective not only for first time readers and spellers but with failing students and children with a wide range of learning disabilities.

Can children and adults with special needs benefit from ClickN KIDS?

Yes. ClickN READ Phonics and CLickN SPELL are the ONLY programs guaranteed to work for ESL students, autism, dyslexia, and all other learning disabilities.

Can we repeat lessons?

Of course! You may run each lesson as many times as desired and repeat a lesson until each lesson has been mastered.

How long does each lessons run?

The lessons are designed to work within the average attention span of young children. Each ClickN READ Phonics and ClickN SPELL lesson takes approximately 20-40 minutes to complete.

How are ClickN KIDS programs different from other reading and spelling programs?

ClickN READ Phonics and ClickN SPELL have redefined computer based instruction and have set new standards that are too many to list here on the FAQ page. Please Click here to read a detailed comparison of ClickN KIDS programs to all other available phonics and spelling programs.

Do ClickN KIDS programs come with any workbooks or other tools?

With the comprehensive nature of our program all of the features of flashcards or workbook based phonics and spelling products are built into our programs. The short stories built into the ClickN READ Phonics lessons are the equivalent of a small library of children's story books! Downloadable worksheets are also provided for offline word and short story reading and spelling practice.

Are there practice review exercises?

Yes! Each ClickN READ Phonics lesson has a fun and challenging review module called "The Speed Chamber." Every 5th ClickN SPELL lesson contains a pop quiz and at the end of each of the 5 levels in the curriculum, a level test must be completed.

Are there progress reports?

Yes. Unlike most other reading and spelling programs, we record every single click your child enters the entire time the programs are used. This data is then used for both Individual Lesson and Cumulative Results Over Time Reports. Our reports offer pinpoint accuracy where extra instruction or review may be needed. A Usage Report is also provided for school accounts for comprehensive details of district wide usage.

What is the research or science behind the ClickN KIDS programs?

Dr. Nelson spent years researching and refining his powerful reading spelling instruction methodologies and instructional designs that resulted in the most powerful teaching tools in existence. Our scientifically-based curriculums are based on the research literature on effective reading instruction summarized by the National Reading Panel as well as the research on Copy, Cover, Compare spelling instructional practice. All USA school phonics curriculums are based on the National Reading Panel research and all school spelling instruction utilizes copy, cover, compare.

What are the system requirements to use ClickN KIDS programs?

Because our programs are purely online delivered product, it will work on all types of computer systems and browsers. All that is required is a computer and an internet connection!

What is the delivery time for the product after I purchase it?

As soon as you complete your order on our Order Now web page your account is set up and you may begin using the programs immediately with your assigned username and password. No waiting for shipping, no software to download and no software to install. Just login and begin learning immediately!

May I buy a ClickN KIDS program for someone else as a gift?

Yes! ClickN READ Phonics and ClickN SPELL make excellent gifts. Simply complete your order using your contact information and then send the order confirmation email that you receive to the person you are giving the gift to.

Are ClickN KIDS programs available in stores or on CD ROM?

No. ClickN KIDS programs may only be purchased directly from ClickN KIDS and will never be available on the inferior CD-ROM format.

Can we try ClickN KIDS programs before we buy them?

Yes. Sample lessons are available on our home page. Also, with our no questions asked 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee parents can use ClickN KIDS programs risk free for 30 days! Simply send us an email within 30 days for a 100% refund.

What is the difference between the home and school account types?

The content of the 100 reading and 100 spelling lessons are identical for both home and school accounts. School accounts have additional features that allow easy management of hundreds of teachers and thousands of students.

Can ClickN KIDS programs be used on more than one computer?

Yes! Online delivery affords the luxury of accessing your product from any internet connected computer in the world. Whether on vacation, at a relatives home or from an internet connection in your car! Just login and continue the lessons.

Can more than one user share the same ClickN KIDS subscription?

A subscription is needed for each user. However, when a child finishes all program lessons the first child may be deleted and a second child may then use the program again. The program records every single mouse click and keyboard entry that your child enters while running the lessons. This data is then used to create ongoing comprehensive reports. Additional students may be easily added any time to the same account. Click here to read more.