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High Quality Low Cost Children's Headphones

The Kidz Gear brand was created with the purpose of developing a line of products and accessories with adult features, performance and quality, but with ergonomic and economic sizes, styles and prices for children.
Only $22.95 Shipping Included!

 Headphones For Kids!

The first adult-featured stereo headphones made specifically for kids. Manufactured with the same high quality components as those used in standard adult headphones.

The Kidz Gear Headphones deliver extremely rich stereo sound quality for all your audio needs - Computers, DVDs, Television, Game Players, Radio and more.

They are a must for children using computer learning programs, listening in the car or on the plane.

Uses a 3.5mm plug.
 Padded Earcups
Padded earcups provide maximum comfort while blocking out sounds in the listening environment for maximum learning.
 Adjustable Headband
The head strap is constructed with molded click-stops so where you adjust it to is where it stays!