The day I was asked to review ClickN READ Phonics, I had literally spent hours hooking up a computer for the kids and researching computer software that was educational, yet fun. My five-year-old son is already struggling to keep up in kindergarten, and due to a speech impairment, is having a very difficult time with phonics. He seemed bored with practice worksheets and flashcards, so I thought that I should find something more entertaining that he would benefit from.

I was thrilled to review something educational since it was so applicable to my current struggles, and although it looked very interesting, it was hard for me, as an adult, to give it an honest evaluation. I sat my five-year-old and three-year-old sons down at the computer and let them do the evaluation for me. I have to say, Cody and TJ give ClickN READ Phonics two thumbs up!

The program is divided up into small, animated lessons short enough to hold a young child's attention. The characters are lively and interesting and had the boys excited as they interacted. I highly recommend ClickN READ Phonics for any preschooler that is beginning to learn their alphabet or a kindergartener having a difficult time with the alphabet or beginning phonics. I'm sure it would also be beneficial to the older elementary aged child that may still be struggling with reading. The lessons are "No Child Left Behind" compliant and used in many classrooms throughout the United States.

The lessons appear to become more advanced as the child progresses, which will assist them in learning to read. One-year of unlimited access is currently on special for three payments of $19.95, and they boast a 60-day money back guarantee. I've priced many software programs, and this is very reasonable for the 100 lessons that will take a child from beginning alphabet straight through to reading short stories. I will be subscribing for both of my boys! __________________
Dawn Lloyd