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This is an interesting, online educational tool designed to teach kids to read. It is not a game. If your child is accustomed to playing computer games, it will become immediately obvious that ClickN READ Phonics is not about fun or amazing computer graphics. This is serious educational software with 100 specific lessons aimed at teaching phonetics and reading skills. Kids go into the "Letter Sound Chamber," the "Listening Cube" and finally the "Reading Room," where they identify sight words, prefixes, suffixes, and, then, whole sentences. The teacher who guides kids through these lessons is a "character" who looks a bit like Disney's Goofy, but beyond that, there's not a lot of highjinx to be found. Bottom line: This is a serious learning tool.

Reviewed by Neal Weinberg

Coolness Rating:

Ease of use: So easy, Grandma can use

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