Please Be Sure To Not Use Search Engines To Locate Our Site Each Day
As a courtesy we are reminding you of the terms and conditions of using your ClickN KIDS account. You must not use search engine paid ads to locate our member login page everyday to login to your account. A desktop icon is the easiest way to locate the site each day.

This requirement is to keep the cost of the product as low as possible for you and all future customers. We have hundreds of thousands of customers and when paid advertising is used to login every day it costs us hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Please follow these simple steps to create a Desktop icon. (Double click on the icon to display our login page)

Step 1) You need to see your desktop at the same time as the current browser (internet) window.  If you can't see your desktop, resize the current browser window by clicking the middle resize button in the top right corner of the browser.  (It is located between the "minimize window" button (dash) and the "close window" button (the red X.))

Step 2) Locate the following in the upper address bar part of your browser.

Step 3) Place your mouse pointer directly over the (icon) just to the left of the "http://www."

Step 4) HOLD the LEFT mouse pointer button down and drag your mouse pointer over the desktop. Then release the mouse pointer button. You will now see an icon on your desktop which you can double click on to locate our site each day.

and for the login box to appear.

ClickN KIDS Member Login