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Phonics Lessons with Reading Comprehension Reports!

"My 4 year old son LOVES ClickN READ Phonics lesson plans and has started reading already. (he's only at lesson 11!!). My little boy says, "Hey Mom, can I play my space words today?"  and I know exactly what he's talking about."  Robin Miller, Parent, Texas

Phonics Lesson Plans Cumulative Results Over Time Report

phonics lessons, reading comprehension

Phonics Reading Comprehension

Your child's phonics reading comprehension progress is easily displayed at any time. The phonics lesson results show you a level of precision not found in any other phonics reading program.

Phonics Lessons Results Saved Online

The reading program records to our server every single click that the child enters when completing the phonics lessons. No need to worry about backing up files on your machine.

Easy Reading Comprehension Assessment

All phonics instructional activities that appear throughout all lessons are shown along with the total presentations of each lesson plan instruction element.

The percentage your child responded correctly on the first attempt is shown. The average percentage for All Users that have ever used ClickN READ Phonics is also shown.

Simply compare your child's scores to the All Users score to know exactly where your child needs additional help. The Lesson Number column shows you exactly which lesson plans to repeat for low scoring phonics letter sounds.

Class Wide Comprehension Assessment

For School Accounts, an additional column is displayed for each phonics lesson plan element that shows the average percentages for all students in the teacher's class. Teachers quickly identify specific phonics skills that the class as a whole is struggling with.

The red arrows on the phonics lesson report shown indicate the following reading comprehension information about this child's phonics reading skills:

1) Letter Sounds - This child is struggling with the C, TH and V letter sounds.

2) Spelling Sight Words - This is the exercise where the sight words must be spelled on the keyboard. With a 98% score on the Sight Words exercise (screen selection) it is clear that the child knows the sight words. This child is having difficulty with the keyboard.
Individual Lesson Results Report
child development Your child's development is never more easily tracked than with ClickN READ Phonics. The program records, to our database, every single click that the child enters the entire time the product is used. This data is used to present the Individual Lesson Report.

At the conclusion of each lesson a results display appears. All exercises that appeared in the lesson are shown along with a count of which elements your child responded to correctly on the first attempt versus elements that required multiple attempts.

For all multiple attempts, the instructional elements are listed that your child had difficulty with so you know exactly where to help. The individual lesson results reports are saved and may be recalled at any time should you not be available when your child has completed a lesson.