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6-Year-Old Learns How to Read Using ClickNRead Phonics - August 09, 2007 by Charles Daniels Top
Exactly two years ago (2005) my son, Tyler started kindergarten. His first semester went fine, but when he returned in January we found out that his reading wasn't so good. When we received his final report card, his teacher recommended that Tyler be retained in kindergarten. After talking it over with my wife, we were convinced that Tyler did not need to remain in kindergarten. The Vice-Principle agreed that he should not be retained in kindergarten, however she did not approve of his moving on to 1st grade.

She recommended a K-1 class. She said it would help to develop his reading skills before moving to the 1st grade. Then she stated that every parent who decided they wanted their child to skip the K-1 program, the child was failing the 1st grade. I was aware that Tyler needed help mastering the necessary reading skills, but not to this extreme. My wife and I considered putting him in the Sylvan Learning Center. This was until we found out how much this would cost.

I began searching the internet looking for the best software, flashcards, reading material, games and just anything that would help my son become a successful reader. Hooked on Phonics was our second option; however I didn't think this would work for us because my wife and I had such busy schedules and couldn't do it with Tyler. We tried the Reader Rabbit program, but it couldn't keep his attention long enough to learn anything.

Finally, I came across a website called ClickNRead Phonics; they didn't charge a lot and guaranteed that their product would help my son read. My son used this product online every day all summer. It only takes about 20 minutes a day, and it's quite interesting. Tyler could login the program himself and do all of the activities on the computer.

Immediately I began to notice a difference in his response to reading. He was actually enjoying ClickN Read Phonics. When he started the 1st grade the results were phenomenal. Not only was he becoming a good reader, he also passed almost all of the spelling test with a score of 100, and he passed almost all of the reading test with a score of 94 or better!

I could not believe what was happening! Tyler was on the honor roll and in the top percentage of his class almost all year. ClickNRead Phonics really helped Tyler, it was easy and fun. Now when I take my son to school, I walk in the building with a big smile on my face because he did what the Vice-Principal said no child had done before.

Homeschool Reading - ClickN Read Phonics
By Charlene Smith january 17, 2009

I started my son's Pre-K education this year.  One of the most important subjects I wanted to concentrate on was reading/phonics.  I was kind of nervous about teaching my child to read so I began looking for software or online programs to help me.  I knew I wanted a program that had the following benefits:

*  Complete phonics instruction
*  Easy to use
*  Not too expensive
*  Tracks Child's Progress

After much research, I found a online program that I thought would appeal to my son.  ClickN Read is an online reading and phonics program that teaches the complete K - 3rd grade curriculum. Here is my review of this product based on the features mentioned above.

Complete Phonics Instruction
ClickN Read has a total of  100 lessons for your child to complete.  Each lesson builds upon each other and progressively gets more difficult.  It teaches letter sounds, sight words, word blending, word and sentencing reading skills, and keyboarding.

The program is interactive, entertaining, and effective.  It is animated and is presented like a game so it fun for my son.  Even though it looks like a game, I can tell you that it definitely challenges my son.  He can not cheat the system because it adjusts to how he is responding.  I like that the progress reports let me know how he is doing and if necessary, I can repeat a lesson until he masters the skills.

Worksheets are provided that can be printed out to supplement the lessons.  The worksheets are to practice the words and sentences for each lesson.  Also there are flashcards to practice vocabulary and Dolch sight words.

Easy To Use
I have three children at home.  One is a 2 year old.  I needed a program that would be easy to use and would not require me to do a whole bunch of preparation in advance.   ClickN Read is easy to setup.  Once you have paid you are able to go in a create an account for your child.

Since you don't have to install on your computer, all you have to do is log into the account you have created and you are ready to go.   I added a desktop icon for the program on our computer.  My son can log into the program on his own and begin his lesson.  After about 15 minutes, he has completed the lesson.

Not Too Expensive
The program is a good value.  For the subscription price of  $59.98, you get access for 1 child.  I chose the payment plan so that I could break that amount over several months.  If you need to have several children using the program at the same time, you only have to pay $19.95 more for each child.

What is unique about this program is that you pay for a lifetime subscription and it is transferable.  What that means is that you get to use it as much as you want for as long as you want.  Since I only have one child using it right now, once he is finished, I can delete his account and add my other son later.

Once all your children are finished with the program, you can give  it to a friend or family member that might need the program.  I like that it is a gift that just keeps giving .

Tracks Child's Progress
I wanted a program that would allow me to print out my child's progress so I could see were he was successful and were he was struggling.  I also needed the ability to print his progress for record keeping.  For each lesson, ClickN Read tracks when the child logged in,  the number correct and incorrect attempts,  what was covered and the exact areas your child had problems.

ClickN Read provides a summary report on all lessons completed as well as detailed reports on each lesson.

Overall Review
I love the program and believe it is an excellent value for the money.  It has eased the anxiety I had about teaching my child how to read.  ClickN Read is comprehensive, fun,  and effective.  I would recommend this highly to homeschool parents as well as to parents needing more instruction for children that are struggling with reading.

A to Z Phonics.com Top
Final Thoughts:
The ClickN Read phonics reading program provides valuable letter sound associations and blending work with frequent repetitions. This helps children become very secure in developing rapid responses when they come to these letters and sounds in words. The program also gives the child both visual and auditory prompts and asks for both visual to auditory responses from the child. It is self paced and gives the child an increasing feeling of success in reading.

Products I Like: ClickN Read Phonics Top
by Josh Barsch

Throughout her childhood, I've been a little conflicted about when to begin teaching Mia to read. When I was a kid, I read very early — I was reading at 3 years old. My daughter is a very sharp kid, and I've always just assumed that she would read as early as I did. This is a pretty tall assumption, though; 3 years old is damned early for a kid to be reading, and I didn't want to be overbearing and force her to read before she was ready, or to place expectations on her that were based on nothing more than what I did as a 3-year-old. Then again, if the kid was ready to roll, then I definitely didn't want to hold her back. Decisions, decisions.

A couple months after turning 3, she started twice-a-week preschool, and after a few months of that, she knows all of the letters of the alphabet and what sounds they make. If you know all those, you're pretty much ready to start learning to read, so I asked her if she was ready. She said yes, so we now have our hats in the ring.

Something occurred to me shortly thereafter: I didn't really have a clue how the hell to teach anybody to read, let alone a 3-year-old. I just pick stuff up and read it — I don't remember the steps involved in getting to this point. This realization alarmed me, and not only for Mia's sake. In the back of my mind, I always figured that if I ended up in prison somehow, I'd survive and earn protection from the tougher inmates by teaching them to read. What was I going to do now if I ended up on the inside? Back to the present, though — where would I start with Mia? (Note to self, though — buy a good radar detector, and check for warrants in other states)

That's when I started checking around for software that could maybe help me out. Interactive stuff wasn't really a part of the game when I was learning to read (although my Speak & Spell enabled me to lay several ass-whoopings on the other kids in spelling bees throughout my youth). Educational CD-ROMs starting coming out in the 80s and 90s, and they've given away to full-blown online learning programs. The first one I came across was ClickN Read Phonics, and I must say, I've been extremely happy with it so far, so I thought I would share with all you parents out there who are contemplating teaching your child to read.

First, a warning: You'll be less than impressed when you first see the Clicknkids.com website. Its design is cluttered and primitive and, generally speaking, very unattractive. But don't give up on it; this is one site whose product is much more valuable and impressive than the marketing which surrounds it. The company provides 100 reading lessons, and you can lead your child through them at his/her own pace. The lessons I've been doing with Mia (we're on Lesson 17 right now) take about 15 minutes apiece, and that's with Mia running the touchpad and keyboard. One hundred lessons, then, is a lot of material. All the lessons are done online, so there's no software to download, and you can do lessons from any Internet-connected computer in the world (so long as you remember your password).

A lifetime membership will cost you a one-time payment of $59.85, or three monthly payments of $19.95 (which equals exactly $59.85, so you don't pay any extra for spreading it out over three months). There's a 30-day, no-questions-asked refund policy, and the site says it's never refused a home-use refund request (they also sell to schools, and claim to have never even received a request for a school-use refund). I can't personally touch for any of that, of course, but I'll just say that I won't be asking for a refund.

So, about the software and curriculum itself: Simply put, Mia really loves it, and enjoys her lessons. Again, the sophistication of the graphics, audio and animation is definitely NOT up to the quality that you may be used to seeing on Nick Jr., Noggin, but the fact is, you don't need bleeding-edge multimedia to teach a kid to read. You don't need any, actually. Everyone from the beginning of time until now seems to have done just fine without it, and so will your kid.

The lessons are broken up into about 6 or 7 different different sections, so Mia's attention span isn't at all put to the test. The lessons ask her to:

  • identify the letters that make certain sounds
  • identify the words that start with certain letters
  • identify the words that end with certain letters
  • identify certain words by sight (sightwords)
  • Identify certain letters, and find them on the keyboard
  • Identify very basic words on the screen, just by hearing them

For Mia, some parts are easy, and some are very challenging, and that's exactly how it's supposed to go, in my opinion. We'll do each lesson two or three times, and I usually see marked improvement from her with each repeat of the lesson. (Fair warning: Mia was good with a touchpad before she ever started this program, and she uses the touchpad throughout the lesson. If your kid doesn't use a touchpad or a mouse yet, that'll probably need to come first. Or, you can just have your kid point to the letters on the screen, and you can run the mouse/touchpad for him/her. In my opinion, you don't want to hold up your kid's reading development just because his/her skills with a computer mouse aren't up to snuff yet).

The most important measure of the ClicknRead Phonics software is, of course, whether it really helps Mia learn to read. Based on what I've seen so far, I really think it will. Also critically important here is that she enjoys doing the lessons. She actually asks me if we can go do a reading lesson — I don't have to pressure her, or even ask her, to do it. Time will tell, and I'll update you as she progresses. I'm optimistic, though.

Another thing I have to note in the review. I purchased the software subscription from my work computer, and when I got home to do the lessons with Mia, I didn't have the password. I used the “forgotten password” process, but the email was caught by our corporate spam filter and could not get to me. So, it was Saturday afternoon, Mia was ready to do a lesson, and I was SOL. On a whim, I called the help number, expecting absolutely nothing, since it's a miracle to find customer-service folks working on the weekends just about anywhere. But I called the number, got the automated greeting, and pressed the customer service extension. Sure enough, a guy just picks up the phone and says “ClicknKids, may I help you?” No wait time, no nothing. I was amazed. I told the guy my problem, and he looked me up and gave me my password. The whole ordeal took about 60 seconds flat. I'm still amazed. I'd like to hug that guy if I could find him.

Overall, then, the program gets my hearty, if early, endorsement. Happy reading, and feel free to weigh in if you have comments or experiences to share.

ClickN READ Phonics System Review
Author: Corina
• Wednesday, November 05th, 2008

I recently purchased a reading program for my 4 year old called  the  ClickN Read Phonics System.  I am very impressed.  The system thoroughly engages my preschooler in phonics and learning to read.  The program is easy to use, is based on proven educational research, and provides reports after each lesson so that, as a parent or teacher, you are aware of the progress and struggles your child is making.

The ClickN Read Phonics system is designed for K-3 grade students.  There are 100 lessons.  As a parent or teacher, you are able to start on the first lesson, or choose a higher lesson number for your child/student  at if they are already aware of beginning sounds. You are also able to select the amount of time that the child spends in each “room” of the virtual school.  This eliminates the possibility that the student is spending too much time in the room for his or her own attention span, thereby ensuring the child does not lose interest.

As a former teacher, I must say that I am very impressed with this program.  It is truly based on research that WORKS. Each session follows the same routine.  Therefore, after a few lessons, the child begins to know what to expect from the lesson.  Furthermore, the repetitive nature of the lesson, the review, then building upon that review in each and every lesson, creates a learning environment where the student is bound to thrive.

My daughter finds this program fun and engaging.  She asks to do the lessons, and loves using the computer in the program.  There are no flashcards to lose or CD ROM's to scratch. The lessons are all online and can be accessed anywhere.  Her reading skills are growing in leaps and bounds after only a few lessons.

“Rooms” in the lesson

  • Sound Chamber: Reviews letter sounds and word sounds.  Teaches children proper way of sounding out letters and sounding out words.
  • Listening cube: Students have to pick the word that has sound the beginning, middle, and end.  Blends sounds together to make words.
  • Reading room: Teaches sight words, reading sentences, prefixes, suffixes, word families, and the silent “e'.
  • Speed chamber: Students have to letter sounds and practice with speed.


  • Progress report at the end of each lesson.  The progress report is specific on what child succeeded at and what needs to be reviewed.  The report can be printed out and given to the teacher.
  • Reinforces and encourages students.
  • Encourages students to type and use the mouse.
  • Each lesson follows a routine.  Students know what to expect. Reviews and builds knowledge.
  • Has a 30 day, money back guarantee.  Can be used for multiple children.  Lifetime membership to the website.  Cost of the program is $59.85, much cheaper than other reading systems that covers 4 school years of lessons…. and it is all online.  Nothing to lose/get scratched!

I encourage you to try the program if you have a reluctant reader, a struggling reader, or a child that is just learning to read.  I am sure that you will be as happy as I am with the program.

Review of ClickN READ Phonics - The PERFECT program for my child!
Reviewed by jgray  
Created at 9:27 PM EST on December 1, 2007
ClickN READ Phonics is the perfect program for my son. He is six years old and is very gifted in reading, but I realized that most of the words he knows are because he memorized them. He was unable to sound out words because he did not have a thorough phonics program.

ClickN READ is completely customizable (by the parent). I am able to choose the playback speed, choose the length of time that he spends on each activity, choose the level of lesson that he starts with, and even determine whether he repeats a particular lesson. This is an excellent feature because he LOVES repetition and usually asks me if he can do a lesson again as soon as he finishes.

We tried Time4Learning first and he didn't respond to it well. He uses the computer a lot with his older brothers and is used to instant responses and fast paced programs. He became frustrated with Time4Learning because the characters talked too slowly, the instructions were repetitive, and the response time was sluggish.

I like the fact that the ClickN Read program teaches the same letter sound in a number of different formats - the character says a letter sound and my son clicks on the corresponding letter on the screen, the character says a letter sound and my son clicks on the corresponding letter on the keyboard, and there is also a "speed round" where the character says a letter sound and my son is instructed to respond as fast as possible. The response times are all included in the (printable) parent reports so I am able to tell which letter sounds he still needs to work with. This variety in teaching the same concept is great for kids that have a shorter attention span. My son is always eager to do the lessons and it is very obvious that he is retaining what he has learned.

ClickN READ's price is phenomenal! I chose the three payment option ($19.95 each payment) and we now own the product for a lifetime AND we can transfer our account to someone else when we are finished! This would be great for parents who have younger children who will need a phonics program. They also offer a referral program that gives you credit for each person you refer (they must sign up for the program). You can earn unlimited referrals, earning more money than you originally paid!

ClickN READ customer service is great too - very prompt and polite responses to my questions!
Baby Unuiversity.com forum review by Dawn 09-20-2005, 02:06 PM Top
The day I was asked to review ClickN READ Phonics, I had literally spent hours hooking up a computer for the kids and researching computer software that was educational, yet fun. My five-year-old son is already struggling to keep up in kindergarten, and due to a speech impairment, is having a very difficult time with phonics. He seemed bored with practice worksheets and flashcards, so I thought that I should find something more entertaining that he would benefit from.

I was thrilled to review something educational since it was so applicable to my current struggles, and although it looked very interesting, it was hard for me, as an adult, to give it an honest evaluation. I sat my five-year-old and three-year-old sons down at the computer and let them do the evaluation for me. I have to say, Cody and TJ give ClickN READ Phonics two thumbs up!

The program is divided up into small, animated lessons short enough to hold a young child's attention. The characters are lively and interesting and had the boys excited as they interacted. I highly recommend ClickN READ Phonics for any preschooler that is beginning to learn their alphabet or a kindergartener having a difficult time with the alphabet or beginning phonics. I'm sure it would also be beneficial to the older elementary aged child that may still be struggling with reading. The lessons are "No Child Left Behind" compliant and used in many classrooms throughout the United States.

The lessons appear to become more advanced as the child progresses, which will assist them in learning to read. One-year of unlimited access is currently on special for three payments of $19.95, and they boast a 30-day money back guarantee. I've priced many software programs, and this is very reasonable for the 100 lessons that will take a child from beginning alphabet straight through to reading short stories. I will be subscribing for both of my boys!
Dawn Lloyd
Certified Personal Trainer & TurboKick Instructor

Montreal Homelearners Blog

Online Phonis Reading program

Tue, 01/20/2009 - 15:45 — sonya

Posted by Christine Bieri - Board of directors


Hello All!

The Groupe PEACE non-profit organization is in the process of purchasing user licenses for the Online learning to read program "Click'N'Read".  These licenses will be available for 6 to 12month periods for $5 to $7/license/per user.  The program has a total of 100 lessons, which teach the entire K-3rd phonics program (from the US). Most children find it quite easy to use and after a few moments of basic explanation, can use the program on their own.  It is online based, so you need an internet connection to use the program.  It is also a great way to support English as a second language if that is one of your family's needs.  Each student can receive a full statistical analysis of their progress throughout the program if they so desire, as every mouse-click is recorded, and the program is backed by a 100% money-back guarantee : "Complete all 100 ClickN READ Phonics lessons and if you are not satisfied that your child has learned to read, we will refund your money".