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  Tammy Tomson, Parent, Mercer, PA Top

I just tossed Hooked On Phonics® in the good will box and we LOVE ClickN READ Phonics. I have recommended ClickN READ Phonics to my sons online kindergarten. It is a big public online school system in Pennsylvania and 8 other states.

  Frank J. Nosal, Educational Technologist, US Dept of Defense Elementary School, Germany Top

ClickN READ Phonics has proven to be a viable online remediation tool which is closely linked to the DoDEA reading and language arts curriculum. The results of the program have been remarkable. The average school gain on the Scholastic SRI test scores was +119 points. Students who significantly used ClickN READ Phonics on average scored +18 points higher than the average school gain.

ClickN READ Phonics program helps students practice necessary reading and language arts skills. Since the program is distributed over the Internet there is little technical support needed to administer the program. Teachers and parents are kept informed on the progress of their students by online assessment reports for each student. Students are highly motivated when they use ClickN READ Phonics. When students use the ClickN READ Phonics program, little intervention from the teacher is needed.

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  Dr. Lara Ashmore, Ph.D., M.Ed., CEO & Founder, Inspire Brilliance, Fairview, TX Top

ClickN READ Phonics provides a systematic introduction and reinforcement of phonetic elements to help children learn essential reading skills. I highly recommend ClickN READ Phonics because it takes full advantage of the benefits of individualized instruction and provides the convenience of excellent teacher management tools. ClickN READ Phonics helps motivate students to learn to read through its game-like design and helps teachers keep track of student progress and achievement through detailed reports.

One of the most useful benefits of ClickN READ Phonics is the way the program incorporates typing skills into the lessons. I have not seen any other reading program software that includes this essential skill as part of computer-based literacy instruction. Typing is an essential skill many children lack, even those with years of computer experience. ClickN READ Phonics provides numerous advantages to students, teachers and parents who want to provide the best tools available to help children learn to read.

  David Mittelman, ML, M.Ed., CS-DEd, PS 216 Arturo Toscanini Elementary, Brooklyn, NY Top

ClickN READ Phonics is a great tool! The ease of use and the ability to retrieve reports for each individual student make it an easy teacher tool. Planning and evaluation in one or two easy steps.

The interaction of the students with ClickN READ Phonics is unbelievable. They act and interact with gusto and high interest. They have the self-determination to achieve better scores with the immediate feedback they receive from the character.

I would recommend ClickN READ Phonics as being a part of the beginning reading instruction tool set for this decade.

  Mary Smullen Goldblatt, Parent, Great Britain Top

At 10 years old and after several years of mainstream inclusive education my son could not read. Language disordered children struggle to survive within poorly managed mainstream classrooms and my sons failure to grasp the essential structure of language and, therefore, it's relationship to reading, including comprehension, left him feeling that it was all his fault because he was stupid. Those are his words. However, since starting this great program he is rapidly picking up the essential "building blocks" to real reading.

Tonight he picked up a book and was willing to have a good go at decoding the words. Just a few weeks ago not only would he NOT have contemplated that but now he asks me to help! His self esteem previously would not have tolerated anyone witnessing what he perceives as his failure but ClickN READ seems to have "clicked" with him and although he has a ways to go he can already see the logic in how sounds and letters build to words with meaning. If you only knew what a miracle that was and he's only been using ClickN READ a few weeks. The impact on his damaged self esteem has been a joy to see as he moves through the tasks and increases his belief that he may not be stupid after all.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I never thought my son was stupid! Keep up the great work. We parents depend on you to help us find a way forward.

  Angie Turner, Parent, Bakersfield, CA Top

I just wanted to thank you for the awesome reading program. My four-year-old son just loves it and has mastered all of the letters/sounds that he has learned so far. I frequently advocate your site amongst friends and parents at the school where I work. Again, I think that your program is wonderful and has initiated my son's love for reading. He has started reading (and sounding out!) some of the beginning Scholastic books and is looking forward to a rewarding year in kindergarten with the amazing head start that your program has provided.

  Marna Purcell, Parent, Riverview, FL Top

My son is 7 years old. He has the following disabilities: Auditory Processing Disorder, Language delayed, non verbal learning, ADD and Sensory Integration. ClickN READ Phonics is great! He is able to learn to read and apply what he has learned in school. You guys are great and I am so thankful I found your program and tried it. My son could not even learn to read with one of the national programs out there: Hooked On Phonics®. Your program combined auditory and visual information which kids with learning disabilities need. Thanks again!

  Debra Bond, Parent, Duarte, CA Top

Well, my just turned 4 1/2 daughter is reading at a high 3rd grade level due all to your program. She is reading chapter books and is so proud that today she got to her 100th lesson. The program is short enough to keep young ones attention. We started her only 7 months ago and because of the program she spells, writes fluently and loves it. Learning has just been fun. Easy, fun, quick and packed with everything that she needed to get to a 3rd grade level and is not even starting Kindergarten for 6 more months. The head start she has gotten is unbelievable all with only 15-20 minutes of fun a day. Thank you.

  Ralph Schick, Teacher, Berry Elementary, Detroit Public Schools, MI Top

ClickN READ Phonics is one of the most effective reading programs I have used as a urban public school teacher for students from kindergarten to sixth grade as well as special needs students.

The key to an effective teaching pedagogy is to find a product that can hold the attention of students over time. ClickN READ Phonics is a very engaging web product that students love to use. They immediately know what to do because the students are given clear, simple directions that they can follow. The consistency of the lessons provides a clear path for the students to follow year after year. Whether students are on grade level or two or three years behind, this product appeals to all learners. This product provides the successful learning experience all children need to succeed in learning to read fluently.

I have had some students use the program from kindergarten through third grade. They love the continuity of being able to pick up where they left off from the previous school year. My first student to finish all 100 lessons was a special needs student who would use the web site in the computer lab and in his classroom. I highly recommend this product to any teacher or parent who is serious about providing a solid reading foundation.

  Linda Pine, Parent, Kuwait Top

I use this program for my daughter (4 years old) who is in Reception (British curriculum). It's amazing how my daughter improved her phonics. At the beginning of her semester she was weak and then I searched online and your program was there with excellent comments and I decided, why not to give a try? I don't regret at all that I bought your great program. My daughter is one of the best readers in the class now. Thank you again for your wonderful program!

  Cayla Maraist, M.Ed, Parent, Gainesville, FL Top

OUTSTANDING!!! I am a stay at home mom and have a Masters Degree in Elementary Education. My son, who just turned five, has been using the program for only four months and he has had an incredible amount of improvement in his reading ability! The lessons are engaging, research based, and can be benefit all types of readers! You can jump ahead or slow down, but most of all you can sit back and let your child experience the success of reading regardless of his or her ability.

One thing that I do to get my son to do the lesson is just turn it on and turn up the volume! Hearing ClickN READ, he then comes running into the room saying, "Hey! That's my game!" I am writing this because I feel like I owe something back! Thank you for the gift of reading!!!!

  Diane Hall, Homeschool Parent, Clarksville, FL Top

My son is 6, and I had been struggling to teach him phonics. We were getting nowhere until someone suggested this program. Within the first week, he began to blend his sounds and read words! I have recommended this program to all my friends with young children. As homeschoolers, this program is a necessity!

(Update) "My son bounced up and down and had a great time with the new animations. It encouraged me to see him excited again. I purchased this program at the beginning of the year out of sheer desperation. I was getting nowhere with my child in teaching him his phonics and to read.

Within the first week he was getting his phonics down and he is reading small books completely to me now! I have been an advocate for your program since I purchased it and told others it was the best program ever. How can you improve on something that was the best? You did it! I'm totally impressed with the program, and even more satisfied with customer service. You don't often find a company that is truly dedicated to its customers. I appreciate that in you. Keep up the good work, My son is!!!

  Liz Sedley, Parent, Uxbridge, UK Top

My eldest child is 7 and struggling to learn to read. I was desperate to do something I to help him. After researching lots of programmes I decided to try the ClickN READ Phonics programme. I decided to use it because the sample lessons looked good, it was reasonably priced, was online, didn't require me to learn phonics in order to teach him - and I had to try something.

I was concerned that it wouldn't be helpful for him because of his dyslexia. Dyslexics often have trouble learning to read phonetically.

I am very impressed with it. After 2 months on the programme his reading age has improved by 6 months. Plus, I now know enough about phonics to help him sound out words.

  Lori Aldrich, Homeschool Parent, Dearborn Heights, MI Top

I am a homeschooling mother of seven. Three of our children are dyslexic. Needless to say, we have used several different approaches when teaching our children to read. Our youngest child spent four discouraging years struggling with wanting to read, but not being able to put it all together. He started ClickN READ Phonics right before he turned 11. This was the right combination that he needed. Your program provides a visual stimulus like most, but then goes on to add an auditory aspect as well as a physical dimension, as he uses the keyboard and mouse to proceed through the exercises. Thank you for developing ClickN READ Phonics. My son has now joined his family of readers.

  Bonnie Cox, Special Education Director, Somis Academy High School, CA Top

Our population is mostly high school age. I am the special education director and currently have only one student that utilizes the program. I find it extremely valuable and nothing out there compares. Thanks!

  Heather Flaharty, Parent, Wrightsville, PA Top

Your phonics program has worked wonders for my son. He is nine years old and was recently diagnosed with a genetic disorder called Williams Syndrome. It affects him in many ways. Williams Syndrome affects his ability to learn. Things that are easy for most kids are very hard for him. Learning to read is one thing that he has had a lot of trouble with.

Recently a Williams Syndrome specialist told me to start him on a phonics program. It has been proven that even though kids with WS have significant cognitive delays, they can learn to read quite well if they learn by using phonics. I searched around for a little while and came across many high priced, fancy named programs. Then I saw this one.

I checked out a lesson or two and decided to give it a try. I am so glad I did. My son has been doing the program for about 3 weeks now and has been reading better and learning more than he did all of last school year. The lessons keep his attention. He asks me every day if he can play his game! (which is really his lesson) It has been a miracle for us. He is so proud of himself! He is becoming quite a reader! Thanks for making it so affordable and fun.

I just want to give you an update. I have to tell you that I continue to be impressed by my son who is now on lesson 31! He is reading better and better all the time. I wrote a testimonial already, and just wanted to let you know that he has that spark in his eyes and a huge smile when he reads a new word. He has been reading words at random around the house on lables and magazines! The program really works! I love it!!!!

  Alicia Raskiewicz-Vargas, Parent, Tamarac, FL Top

My 5 year old started Kindergarten this year. In the beginning of the year, he started reading at a level A. By Christmas he was at a level B, but continued to struggle. I saw a commercial on ClinkN READ and decided to try it out. I purchased the product and he did the lessons daily. Amazingly after 1 week (yes, 1 week), he was retested at school and is now at a level C!!!!!!

He is more confident and is excited about learning how to read. Thank you for this great product!

  Robin Miller, Parent, Flower Mound, TX Top

That is great news that it is no longer limited to a 1 year subscription!! My 4 year old son LOVES ClickN READ Phonics and has started reading already. (he's only at lesson 11!!) But he is going through the program slowly just because of his learning style.

He'll want to do it everyday then he'll go off on another tangent for a while and come back to ClickN READ full force. My little boy says, "Hey Mom, can I play my space words today?" and I know exactly what he's talking about. It's going to take us a while to get through the 100 lessons and I'm so glad I don't have to worry about the 1 year time frame anymore. YEAH! Thank you!!!

  Lori Grauso, Hixson, TN Top

I am so happy with ClickN READ Phonics. We have a family member who is 54 years old and never really had the chance to learn during his school years. He was from a large family and all were expected to work as soon as they became of age. So....thanks to ClickN READ Phonics, we are just now showing him how to properly learn the language and comprehend how to learn the sounds and spelling of words.

ClickN READ Phonics is so easy for him and he is progressing quite well. The one thing we especially like is the opportunity to repeat the lessons he didn't comprehend the first time around. Many thanks for the great package. We are enjoying it daily. As none of us in the family are school teachers, we were not equipped to teach. With your program, the student can learn at their own speed. I just can't say enough about your product. Keep up the good work! You may certainly use me as a reference should you ever need one, but I can't imagine that happening once people look over your program.

  Lacee Delgadillo, Parent, Metairie, LA Top

I have watched my son go from his teacher saying he would have to be held back a year, to all excellent and good on his last progress report. He is now starting to read. Thank You!

  Teresa Althoff M.D., Homeschool Parent, Bucyrus, KS Top

This is a great program for children with dyslexia who struggle to decode. Unlike many other programs, which allow the child to passively watch highlighted words, ClickN READ Phonics requires the child to interact, drilling a concept in a fun manner. The summary at each lesson lets me see exactly what my child did or did not fully master and I can repeat the lesson as often as needed to ensure mastery.

As a homeschooling mom, I greatly appreciate the professional quality of this program. As a trained learning disabilities specialist, I am very impressed. This program simulates one on one tutoring in a low key manner that encourages the child to master phonics concepts.

  Kimberly Gully, Special Education, N.B. Cook Elementary, FL Top

Since one of my kindergarten students began using ClickN READ Phonics, he has come from a 7 on Initial Sound Fluency to a 32. He has also been able to sound out words 100% better than when he first began coming to my classroom. I have only been seeing this student since December. This program is wonderful. I highly recommend it to other teachers. I love using it!

  Jenny Hansen, Parent, King George, VA Top

My children are loving this program. My oldest with Autism is able to pay attention because it's not overly busy with graphics. The directions are short to the point and speedy. (Typically he gets frustrated when the narrator or "teacher" talks to much.) My kindergartner is going to need this as review and new lessons taboot. He really likes the silliness of ClickN KID. My pre-K (4 year old) is behind and will need some letter recognition help first, but seems to like the format a lot. I am sure he will pick up on it a little better this year! I love it. Short and too the point.

  Sharon Hunt, Grandparent, GA Top

Thank you so much for this wonderful website for learning. My grandson is 5 years old and only on lesson 13 and he is actually "reading" and absolutely loves learning. I can tell that he's not memorizing the words at this point and has a better understanding of sounding words out. He was having trouble in Kindergarten and we thought he would have to repeat. I didn't know where to turn because my own personal style of teaching him was not working he had absolutely no interest in learning. I truly thank you and everyone who wants the best for their children should use this wonderful teaching aid.

  Pam Joyce, Parent, Jacksonville, FL Top

I was an elementary teacher for 11 years and had the most success with direct instruction in the younger grades. ClickN READ Phonics is a great tool for my 4 year old, who is now reading well. I attribute her reading skills to this program. I have referred 4 friends, who joined immediately. I am now signed up for the cash back program and will continue referring. This is a GREAT program.

  Sylvia King, Parent, TX Top

I have an eight year old son who is hearing impaired, (in right ear) with multiple-deficit dyslexia. My son had not yet been able to retain any reading skills through many years of very hard work for him. I came across this program by accident and decided to try it. I figured why not it couldn't hurt. This program has worked wonders for my child. He just finished lesson 17 and has made unbelievable progress. My son is reading some now and has a sense of accomplishment I have never seen in him before. Thank you so much for this fantastic program.

  Evelyn Sanchez, Parent, Colorado Springs, CO Top

As a parent I always see to it that my child is able to learn things on her own. I first saw ClickN READ Phonics on TV. I did not have any hesitation or second thought about purchasing it right away. My daughter is only 5 years old and is currently in kindergarten. I was really amazed by how this site helped her a lot with reading, knowing letters and words, and even spelling. ClickN READ Phonics had been a part of my daughters excellent assessment in school. She now reads very good, in fact she got a 95% accuracy in reading. She now can spell and even pronounce words properly. Thank you very much!

  Annette Burke, Parent, Buffalo Grove, IL Top

I am extremely pleased with this program. My son use to struggle with his letters and pre-reading skills. He is only 5 and not even in kindergarten yet. However, we live in a high achieving, highly competitive area where kindergartners are actually expected to know all of their letters (lower case and upper case) and the sounds before walking into the door of kindergarten. If they don't know them, they have a special class that they are mandated to take on their own time.

I tried teaching him the skills on my own but to no avail. We both just got frustrated. I had cleared his schedule in the fall for the mandated class because I was convinced that he would need it every single day. I stumbled on to your website by accident (divine intervention) and I immediately signed up. I figured for the cost it couldn't really hurt.

The program is absolutely amazing the best $$$ I ever invested in my life- he knows all of his sounds, letters and he is actually reading the "Dick and Jane" series and Margaret Hillert books. AND WE ARE ONLY HALF WAY THROUGH THE PROGRAM! The fall is now full of sports classes. I am sure he will be a competent reader before kindergarten starts in September. I would never been able to have said that before starting this program.

  Gwen Fisher, Parent, Dayton, OH Top

My son is a struggling reader (he just turned 11) and so I thought that ClickN KIDS would give him some review and reinforcement with his phonics. ClickN READ Phonics is fun for him, but not too "babyish"! He likes that TV Screen sounds like Stitch from "Lilo and Stitch" and the little jokes amuse him. And I can see that the "entertainment" part of ClickN READ is motivating him to focus on the lesson, and therefore achieving my goal of helping him with his phonics. I would recommend this program to anyone who is looking for a good fundamental phonics program that keeps kids motivated.

  Elizabeth Hughes, Parent, Kitchener, Canada Top

I am very impressed with your program. My son has PDD (Pervasive Development Disorder) learning disability and this program has helped him immensely. He enjoys using it and can work at his own pace. We use the practice words for dictation as well as using the paragraph for typing dictation. He is automatically associating letter combinations with sounds because he has been exposed to them so often on the program. I have recommended it to many people. I feel I should thank you for all that you program has done for us. Have a great day!

  Aliyah McQueen, Parent, Barcelona, Spain Top

Thank you ClickN KIDS! This is the perfect program for my child, she is coming on leaps and bounds with her reading. I am so glad that you have a lifetime membership now in place as it gives me the freedom of allowing my little girl to work on it at much steadier pace, which seems to work better with her. Great Job.

  Ellie Thomas, Parent, Australia Top

Thanks very much!

Spencer has just turned 7 and he has been diagnosed as dyslexic.

He has turned a corner! He states that he is now enjoying it. We no longer stay in the room while he is doing it. We stay in close proximity but he is managing well without supervision.

  Stacy Ordakowski, Homeschool Parent, Clarkston, MI Top

I am an unschooler. That is why I love your program so much. My children love to do it. It is amazing to see how much they learn just from one short lesson a day. I am wondering if you are planning on doing something for math instruction as well. If you do and make it as wonderful as the reading program then I believe it will be one of the few programs out there that kids will actually enjoy doing and will learn. Thank you.

  Vanessa Costello-Smith, Parent, Australia Top

My son loves your program and I can't get him off of it! He has done 7 lessons already. I think it is absolutely brilliant! Thank you.

  Marianne Ableidinger, Parent, Hillman, MI Top

I have 4 children and I tried other programs to help with reading but this one is much more user friendly. My son was a little behind in reading this past year in kindergarten, so I started to look for programs that would hold his interest. ClickN READ Phonics is quick and entertaining. He loves it!

  Helen Baxter, Homeschool Parent, Canberra, Australia Top

Many thanks for your great program! I am a homeschooling mother of a 9 year old with autism and thanks to ClickN READ Phonics she is finally learning how to read! It's very exciting to watch. She is up to lesson 23 and really enjoys the lessons. I don't know if you intended it, but because your program is so predictable and so controlled this makes it very good for someone with autism - they like sameness.

  Dixie Baird, Parent, Evanston, WY Top

I LOVE ClickN READ!!!! I want to let everyone know just how great your program is and how much my son loves it! He is reading already. He sounds out almost everything he hears. He loves being able to read and I love how easy everything was!!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!

  Karen West, Johnson City, TN Top

My son is 20 yrs old and has down syndrome. He has never been able to read more then a few site words. This program has unlocked the "decoding" secret for him. He is learning to read!! He is progressing nicely, and the best part is that he likes it. He actually requests for me to open the program so he can work on it. The animation between the lesson segments is entertaining for him too!.

  Ann Chambers MBE, Parent, Whitehaven, Great Britian Top

Over a period of 6 months my grandson, who is 9 years old and was not reading above age 3, has reached age 9+ painlessly, enjoyably and his confidence and self belief have risen dramatically. I am so grateful. Thank you.

I am happy to be quoted to confidently recommend this system for developing reading skills in children who have failed to read under other systems. The cost of the programme is negligible in comparison with the benefit!

  Valerie Stoller, Parent, Waynesville, NC Top

I just wanted to tell you how wonderful I think your product is. My daughter who just turned 5 began using it and now just a few months later she is reading on a 1st grade level. She has not even started Kindergarten yet! She enjoys the lessons and they really work. Thank you so much for making such a great and affordable site to help children read!

  Christine Cullen, Parent, Highlands Ranch, CO Top

Our 1st grade, 7 year old daughter was diagnosed with dyslexia earlier this school year. She is progressing slowly but still above grade level. I bought this program for her yesterday and she LOVES it. She is opting for this over WEBKINZ!!! WOW!!! Thank you!!

  Michelle Conkle, Parent, Lago Vista, TX Top

I wanted to express my gratitude for this outstanding product. ClickN READ is a comprehensive reading program that incorporates a multi sensory approach to learning. My son just turned five years old and he loves ClickN KID the space dog and laughs at all of the funny stuff the space dog says to the tv screen. He is completely engaged and is enthusiastic about learning to read! Thank you so very much for a whole child approach to reading: incorporating phonics with sight words, spelling and reading, fun and humor. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  Susan Moore, Parent, Athens, Greece Top

I am happy to report that my youngest child is doing absolutely fantastic in the short amount of time that he's been doing the lessons. It actually amazes me to hear him look at a word and sound out each and every sound; and then to see it 'click' in his head when the final word comes out of his mouth.

It is such an amazing program. I think every school and home should have this software in their possession. It gives children the keys to begin to read and I know, at least in my case, that it gives my child confidence too!

  Mrs. Lane, Teacher, Illinois Top

I am a Kindergarten teacher and I have a student with Asperger's Syndrome who was really struggling with reading. I called a meeting with the parents and we discussed the likelihood that he would not pass Kindergarten. They decided to leave him in my class and so we developed a plan to help him that included them doing some work with him at home.

In only a couple of weeks he was making great progress in his reading. I couldn't wait to contact the parents to let them know that our plan was working. It was then that they told me about ClickN READ Phonics. They had purchased the program and their son was using it every night.

As an educator, I have not seen these kind of results, this quickly, before. His new-found confidence in reading and learning has filtered over into all other subject areas as well as his interactions with me and his classmates. In fact, he just passed his 3rd quarter evaluation! Because of this students success, I have recommended your program to all of the parents of my students. What a valuable resource!

  Beth Yates, Parent, Ayshire, Scotland Top

I think this is a wonderful learning program. My son was born 7 weeks early and had some speech problems. He was not confident about reading or spelling. I started my daughter on this program and she liked it. NOW I have started the rest of my family, my other daughter and son on this program as I feel they will also benefit from this program. I think it is the best gift you can give your child to be able to read and spell with confidence so thank you very much. I have tried out many other programs but this one is my favorite.

  Martin & Kat Childs, Parents, Australia Top

Laekham is going very well on his ClickN READ Phonics program. We've noticed a marked improvement with his reading and comprehension. His confidence obviously has also improved. We couldn't be happier.

  Marianne Kwiecinski M.Ed., Director of Kenley School, Abilene, TX Top

I'm so impressed with your program and your responses to our teachers. You have such a great service that I am recommending it to people who call for information about Kenley School, our school for children with learning disabilities. This will really help the children who can't afford to come to a private school.

You are really making a difference with your high quality low cost program. Keep up the good work!

  Jacqueline and Michael Condon, Parents, Manoora, Australia Top

My daughter has been using this programme with fantastic results. ClickN READ Phonics has made such a difference in Amahlia's life. She struggles with dyslexia and last year she wouldn't read and even avoided it. Now she is looking to read books and likes to try and spell words. I am so grateful. My mother has also noticed a big difference and so has Michael her Dad. We are very proud of her! I am now confident that she will get through school. My husband is on one of the School committee's so I have asked him to mention the programme to this committee and I intend to catch up with the principal on Friday.

  Darlene Kubik, Parent, Cincinnati, OH Top

We have found your program to surpass any other we have used (and we have used many)! My daughter has done well - and is retaining things as we progress - we are thrilled, because she feels successful!

  Dena Richardson, Homeschool Parent, Elba, AL Top

I home school my 5 year old son and this is the best program that I use. Thank you very much.

  Kelvin May, Grandfather of 9 year old, Round Lake Beach, IL Top

My grandson is 9 yrs old and in the few short weeks since we have been using this program I can already see an improvement in his reading and spelling ability. I recommend this program to every child trying to learn to read.

  The Jarrett Family, Homeschool Parent, Ocean Springs, MS Top

As a home schooling mother of a three and four and a half year old, I have been looking for a program to eventually help me teach my children the fundamentals of reading. When I came across the ClickN READ Phonics program, I was really impressed by what I saw on your website. However, I did not know if my 4 1/2 year old son would be interested enough to use the program and begin reading yet. We have discovered that our son loves the program!

Thank you for coming up with a program that can capture the interest and attention of a four year old boy! We love the way the program is set up, and as a home schooling parent, I feel confident that with this program, teaching my children to read will be an easy, exciting, and encouraging experience for them and for me.

We have been so impressed by your program, that we have been telling all of our friends and family about it, and encouraging them to try it with their young children. Thanks again for offering an option to try out the program before buying, and for making it so easy to sign up and use!

  Violetta Davis, Homeschool Parent, Croton On Hudson, NY Top

Thank you for your wonderful program. Your program keeps my son interested in learning and is helping him a great deal. Jonah was born with Down Syndrome. He is very smart and wants to learn. This makes him proud and feels well about himself with every new step. Jonah loves books and is reading well thanks to your program. I have been home schooling Jonah for the last two years. Thank God you have been blessed with the ability to teach children with disabilities to be able to learn to read which will help in their future. I am so proud of Jonah when we go out. He enjoys reading the signs above the stores and likes helping me by reading traffic signs. God bless You.

  Sandy Dowling, Parent, Australia Top

My son really enjoys ClickN READ Phonics. He is dyslexic and I can see from his first lesson that it is a good program for his needs, as it is focusing on what he has trouble with, sounding out words. He has improved in his reading at school already which is fantastic as he has always struggled with this. I am very pleased with this program.

  Lisa Leuschner, AA, Paraprofessional, Olive View Elementary, Corning, CA Top

I am a paraprofessional working with a 3rd grade child that is having an English language barrier. He is also below the 3rd grade average. He has a lot going against him except this program. This program is helping him excel tremendously. The reports that we can print at the end of his lesson help his teacher and parents see his successes. It also shows his weak spots that I can help him on with additional educational materials. Thank you for this wonderful program!!

  Debbie Meizel, Parent, Reno, NV Top

Thanks so much, you were great with the customer service you provided yesterday!!! I was just so excited with this program that I forgot some of the information. Tristan is really catching on with suchbenthusiasm. He already has gained self esteem in reading in just two days. Amazing !!!

  Staci Brown, Brain Works, Tampa, FL Top

We wanted to let you know that we are very impressed with the ClickN READ Phonics program. We started a client of ours on the program who has done just remarkably with it! We n eeded a program that started at the beginning with letter sounds and then built from there sequentially. (Our client is a 7 year old child who is deaf with a cochlear ear implant and did not have any reading skills.)

The most important aspect of your program is that the speech is slowed down which allowed our client to hear the letter sounds! He quickly learned and understood the connection of the letters and their sounds! He was then able to locate that same letter sound on the keyboard. He had been wanting to type on the keyboard and now is reinforcing his letter sounds using all modalities of learning which is incredible!

The rate of success is very rapid, the program is clear, concise, entertaining, with immediate feedback for his parents! You will he happy to know our client is now reading words and has the biggest smile on his face! This is the best program we have seen yet! We thank you for providing us with finally, just the right recipe!

  Cherie Nicholishen, Parent, Shannonville, Canada Top

Thanks, finally! My son Michael is in first grade and has problems with his speech and reading. We just started using ClickN READ Phonics and he loves it. He reads without looking at pictures and sounded the words out. I've looked at other sites where they want you to pay $350.00 or so for material which if you don't use it then you lose the money.

This is a great idea, loads of fun and for a little cost you have a lifetime subscription. To top it off my son is learning how to use a computer the right way. Way to go and many thanks. After one day of use I am going to sign up for another child too.

  Stacey Boggs, Parent, Fort Myers, FL Top

My son started his alphabet at an early age. By 2 he knew his alphabet backwards and forwards, literally! This website has set him to reading things that just amaze me. He is 4 now. He can sound out most words he doesn't know, even fairly complex words. He is so proud of himself and of course, I and his Daddy couldn't be happier. My cousin, who teaches elementary school, signed up her two boys who are three, and she loves what it is doing for them, not only in their ability to read, but also in their self esteem. This is a great site and I am so glad I checked it out after seeing the commercials.

  Lupita Hernandez, Fontana Unified School District, CA Top

I am thrilled to have found your program. The instructional tools are very valuable for they allow me to maintain track records on my students phonetic progress. I especially love that I can coordinate the levels to my lesson plans. My students enjoy the program as well because like you said it is fun and challenging. Instead of a worksheet, they are able to interact and participate.

  Mrs. Bailey, Parent, Devon, Great Britain Top

My autistic boys love doing these sessions with ClickN READ Phonics and have learned a lot. They are home educated as there are no placements open to them, so to find something like this on the net is a big help to me. Many thanks!

  Nora Hoey, Parent, Greenwood, MO Top

I absolutely love your program. It has allowed me to home school a child who has special needs. My son was is 13 and labeled with a learning disability and short term memory loss. When I brought him home to home school him this year I didn't know what I was going to do. Aware of his disability and my inability to teach a child with special needs I cried out to God for answers and he lead me to ClickN KIDS.

The progress for my son has been amazing. He is on lesson 68 and getting high scores. He has not only improved in reading but spelling and keyboarding as well. Best of all it has helped his self confidence. I am so pleased with this program. Having a program like this has allowed me to be a facilitator instead of the teacher. It has also eliminated my frustration of having to drill and review because the program does that for you. Thanks to God and ClickN KIDS. My life is much less stressful. And my son and myself feel successful, finally!!!

  Dana Brooks, Parent, North East, MD Top

I want to say that I am the Father of a 5 year old autistic child and was checking out the ClickN KIDS website to see what it was about. And on the website is lesson 15 and lesson 78 to tryout. I clicked on Lesson 15 and had my daughter with me to watch and see what she would do. When it got to the part where he was saying "Mat is a dog Sam is a dog Mat and Sam are dogs" She was watching and listening and then took off into the living room and repeated every word. (Word for Word). Great job on her part and for ClickN KIDS.

  Suzanne Knight, Parent, Larkspur, CO Top

WOW! I just wanted to say thanks. Usually when companies make changes, their current customers lose. What a tribute to your ability to think long-term, creating a base of loyal customers. As a homeschooling mom, you can bet I will be spreading the news of what a fine company, let alone fine product, you have.

  Unity Dienes , Parent, Hollis, NH Top

My daughter has, with only a few lessons completed, made noticeable progress on her ability to decode words with the letters learned so far. Thanks.

  Nancy Armstrong, District Standards & Curriculum Development, Ogallala Schools, Ogalla, NE Top

We are enjoying the ClickN READ Phonics program and besides equipping them with much needed phonics skills it is increasing their self-confidence.

  Benjamin Zink, Branch Director, Elliott Community Learning Center, Lincoln, NE Top

ClickN READ Phonics was ideal for our set-up since we do not have certified teachers but we want to help kids improve their reading skills. It was easy to set up the program and get students started and into lessons quickly. The students really enjoyed it and we never had a problem with students becoming disinterested with the program.

We found that the program was visually, verbally, and educationally aimed at the right level for our children. It never seemed too hard and students were excited by the progress they made. We appreciated the data tracking, which we shared with our partnering school. The school was impressed with the detail and saw immediately how they can tailor supports to help address gaps in student's learning.

  Carlinda Rex, Reading Specialist, Salado ISD, TX Top

I have used the program this spring and recommend it highly. The kids are engaged and learning is taking place! One of the things I like most about the program is it is interactive and provides the teacher/parent with information on how the student is performing. In that way, teachers can monitor progress and provide remediation, if needed. I will be recommending the program to parents for the summer and using it in my room next year. Thank you, ClickN KIDS, for a great product!

  Dennis Boyer, M.Ed., Modesto, CA Top

My wife and I are running a federally funded after school Community Technology Center for Modesto High School students. These high school students, surprisingly to me, really like ClickN READ. I thought it would be too juvenile-looking to them, but they are non-English learners (one 17-yr. old boy is also illiterate in Spanish) and just seem to love the fact that they are finally learning the letter sounds.

  Linda Larson, Parent, West Fargo, ND Top

As a Homeschooling Mother of a young teen with Tramatic Brain Inury. I have spent money and time on various programs looking for the right fit for my son. After purchase, most did not appeal to him or were too difficult for either of us to use. I highly recommend this product of ClickN READ Phonics to any parent whose child or teen who has had a difficult time learning to read. The cost of this program is too reasonable!

  Frances Ray, Field Elementary, Houston, TX Top

We love your program very much and I think it is a great learning tool.

  Jan Stewart , Grandmother and Reading Tutor, Minneaplois, MN Top

I just wanted to report that my granddaughter is learning to read with ClickN READ Phonics, and it's a pure joy to behold. Jocelynn just turned 4-years-old and just finished lesson number 14. ClickN READ Phonics consists of solid phonics, the foremost prerequisite for any reading course I would consider.

Through her lessons, Jocelynn has gained a very clear understanding that letters are symbols which represent sounds: m = "mmm." She has learned, too, that blending those sounds together forms words: "mmm-aaa-nnn" forms the word "man." She has learned that words string together to make sentences. All this she has accomplished quite effortlessly through working/playing with ClickN READ, about 3 times a week on average.

We're having a ball with this, and I expect her to be able to read simple books, all by herself, by Christmas, if not sooner. Her parents are thrilled with her progress, and so is she. ClickN READ Phonics is a marvelous tool that has made the teaching of reading a pleasure for us. I'm so glad I stumbled onto the site. As a longtime reading tutor and a strong proponent of phonics, I can recommend ClickN READ Phonics reading lessons without reservation.

  Carol Vaughn, Instructional Supervisor, Brighton Academy, Inc., Baton Rouge, LA Top

Our students look forward eagerly to their time on the computer with ClickN READ Phonics. They pay attention and are motivated - they ASK to do ClickN READ Phonics. Students in our Foundations program as well as in our Basic program are using ClickN READ Phonics as a remediation strategy.

  Eliezer Shore M.Ed. Ph.D., Jerusalem, Israel Top

My six year old son speaks English at home as a first language, but was not getting any English reading instruction at his local school. I was searching for a computer program that could develop these skills at home. After trying ClickN READ Phonics for a month, I purchased a subscription.

He came to the program knowing only the alphabet. He is now up to lesson 20, and I am amazed at his ability to read simple English sentences. We do a lesson or two a week, which he enjoys very much, especially when we sit together. The lessons are extremely well constructed, with the right balance of review and new material. The variety of exercises also makes the lessons interesting. I've recommended the program to my American friends, and can't imagine a better way to home-school one's children in English reading skills. It's really quite impressive.

  Bronwyn Kugle, Reading Specialist , Ka'elepulu Elementary, Kailua, HI Top

I have to tell you my students LOVE ClickN READ Phonics! And so do I! When our trial account expired we all went through ClickN READ withdrawals!

  Curtis Holmes MS-CIS, Parent, Charlotte, NC Top

The fact that you are taking the time to create and send out a survey to your customers shows that you truly care about your product and are interested in keeping it up to date and current by seeking customer input. Thanks again for all of your communications and for creating this wonderful program!

  Marilyn Veincent, Parent, Hilo, HI Top

Terrific program! Our child's teacher has noticed the improvement in his ability to read. Best of all, you can talk to a real nice person if you have any questions or problems. You are spared the frustrations of phone automation and will actually speak to a human being! A rarity in today's world! Hopefully, the next person I can share this with will appreciate not only the learning program, but the exceptional service that you provide. As we say in Hawaii, a big MAHALO!

  Brandon Corbin, Prospect Heights Middle School, Orange, VA Top

This program has been truly beneficial with my students. I am currently taking a graduate level reading class; this program utilizes all of the tools and strategies we are learning about in class. My students enjoy the lessons, and I like the fact that I can monitor student progress.

  Marie LaFlower, Parent, NH Top

My five year old loves interacting with your program while I attend with support.

  Rhory K. Lamboy, Ed Therapist, MS, Westlake Village, CA Top

ClickN KIDS has created a unique, fun, easy, online program that teaches kids the basics of reading through phonemic awareness. I found myself playing the lessons all by myself...and I know how to read!!! The graphics are motivating and the directions are simple. A must for parents of kindergartners and children who need extra support in learning to read.

  Ann Marie Kannally, Parent, Walpole, MA Top

The addition of the Repeat Sound button and the changes to the control settings are great enhancements! Both of these items have often "bothered" us as users, but sorry to say we have failed to communicate these suggestions to you. Thanks for listening to others and being a mind reader for us!

  EvaluTech, North Carolina Dept of Public Instruction, Southern Regional Education Board Top

The format is easy to use and clearly presented in a consistent, smooth, and non-distracting interface. Some activities feature keyboard input. Coverage and presentation is incremental and logical. The program design is based on suggestions from the National Reading Panel.

ClickN READ Phonics supports a variety of reading objectives, supplementing existing programs, providing additional practice, and identifying problem areas for students. The program is also beneficial for home use or special needs support.

  Network World Magazine, Product Review by Neal Weinberg Top

This is an interesting, online educational tool designed to teach kids to read. It is not a game. If your child is accustomed to playing computer games, it will become immediately obvious that ClickN READ Phonics is not about fun or amazing computer graphics. This is serious educational software with 100 specific lessons aimed at teaching phonetics and reading skills.

  Power To Learn Magazine, Product Review by Diane S. Kendall Top

The program ClickN READ Phonics offers children the chance to practice the skills they need in a pleasant, non-competitive environment. Children learn at their own pace as they see and hear letters, words, and sentences on the computer and find them on the keyboard. The program's teacher, ClickN KID, is an appealing little dog dressed like a canine of the future. He helps children gently through the lessons. If they make a mistake, he is patient, giving them the time to digest their learning.

ClickN READ Phonics should work well with most of the reading series that children are using in school. Teachers and parents can use the lessons to supplement textbook material, to enrich studies for those who are ahead, or to provide remedial help for those who need it. Children can use the lessons on their own with little or no parent or teacher guidance.

  Technology & Learning Magazine, Product Review by Iris Obille Lafferty, Ed.D. Top

ClickN KIDS' newest release, designed as an intervention to support students without a solid foundation for reading, is the epitome of a captivating and systematic beginning reading program. ClickN READ's graphics and quick animated segments are vibrant, but without unnecessary bells and whistles. The program's uncomplicated interface falls to the advantage of less experienced computer users or learners who are easily distracted from the task at hand - focus stays on the lessons.

  Product Review by Charles Daniels, August 09, 2007 Top

Exactly two years ago (2005) my son, Tyler started kindergarten. His first semester went fine, but when he returned in January we found out that his reading wasn't so good. When we received his final report card, his teacher recommended that Tyler be retained in kindergarten. After talking it over with my wife, we were convinced that Tyler did not need to remain in kindergarten. The Vice-Principle agreed that he should not be retained in kindergarten, however she did not approve of his moving on to 1st grade.

She recommended a K-1 class. She said it would help to develop his reading skills before moving to the 1st grade. Then she stated that every parent who decided they wanted their child to skip the K-1 program, the child was failing the 1st grade. I was aware that Tyler needed help mastering the necessary reading skills, but not to this extreme. My wife and I considered putting him in the Sylvan Learning Center. This was until we found out how much this would cost.

I began searching the internet looking for the best software, flashcards, reading material, games and just anything that would help my son become a successful reader. Hooked on Phonics was our second option; however I didn't think this would work for us because my wife and I had such busy schedules and couldn't do it with Tyler. We tried the Reader Rabbit program, but it couldn't keep his attention long enough to learn anything.

Finally, I came across a website called ClickN READ Phonics. They didn't charge a lot and guaranteed that their product would help my son read. My son used this product online every day all summer. It only takes about 20 minutes a day, and it's quite interesting. Tyler could login the program himself and do all of the activities on the computer. Immediately I began to notice a difference in his response to reading. He was actually enjoying ClickN READ Phonics.

When he started the 1st grade the results were phenomenal. Not only was he becoming a good reader, he also passed almost all of the spelling test with a score of 100, and he passed almost all of the reading test with a score of 94 or better! I could not believe what was happening! Tyler was on the honor roll and in the top percentage of his class almost all year. ClickN READ Phonics really helped Tyler, it was easy and fun. Now when I take my son to school, I walk in the building with a big smile on my face because he did what the Vice-Principal said no child had done before.

  Meliea H., Homeschool Co-op Member Top

I purchased this because I needed something to keep my 4 year old occupied while I teach my 13 year old. I only bought it for fun, but lo and behold, he is learning to read! I have let him navigate it independently and have not done any teaching with him in addition to what he gets through ClickN KIDS and he has started sounding out words. I am very impressed with the way this curriculum presents learning sounds and phonics. He can't wait to do "my school" every day and I'm not even a person who believes in doing anything formal until age 7 or 8. I would highly recommend this program to anyone!

  Patricia W, Homeschool Co-op Member Top

We purchased ClickN READ Phonics a little over a month ago. My son is 5 and we are part of the K12 charter schools. They provide wonderful curriculum for Phonics but it was the one subject I just couldn't bear to teach. I thought it was boring and I am sure my attitude was reflected in my actions. I purchased ClickN READ Phonics to take over for me. It is wonderful!!! My son has learned so much from the program. The lessons are just the right length to hold his attention and teach him the lessons for that day.

If you dislike teaching phonics, as I did, purchase this product and let it do all of the repeating and sounding out for you.

  Jocelyn M., Homeschool Co-op Member Top

Were thrilled with the progress our daughter in learning to read. The consistent feedback is amazing, I love knowing exactly when to repeat a lesson or keep going. We researched many and tried a few programs before finding this one. We needed something very specific to help with some special needs.

  Alicia Raskiewicz-Vargas, Parent Top

My 5 year old started Kindergarten this year. In the beginning of the year, he started reading at a level A. By Christmas he was at a level B, but continued to struggle. I saw a commercial on ClickN READ and decided to try it out. I purchased the product and he did the lessons daily. Amazingly after 1 week (yes, 1 week), he was retested at school and is now at a level C!!!!!!

He is more confident and is excited about learning how to read. Thank you for this great product!

  Jennifer S, Co-op Member Top

We love this product. I was struggling with teaching phonics to my 2nd grader and in the 2 months she has been using this her reading ability has sky rocketed. We have just started using this with my 5 year old son as well. My friend (who is also a homeschool mom) referred me to this program and I absolutely love it. I am trying to convince my husband to purchase the spelling portion as well.

  Anna Alexandrova, homeschooling mum, UK Top

We live in UK and as a homeschooling mother I was determined to help my daughter read at an early age. I found ClickN READ on the internet when my daughter was 2 and a half years old. She started using it when she was 2 years and 7 months old after she was able to use a mouse. She thought that the software is a game so she was going through the lessons without even realizing that she is actually learning. By the time she was 2 years and 11 months and she went through the first 10 lessons she started reading. Now she is 3 years and 4 months old and she has read on her own more than 20 phonics books. We are so proud with her and cannot thank you enough for developing such a great product in such an affordable price. I don't worry about teaching my son to read who is an year younger than my daughter. I know that ClickN READ is there, waiting for him and ready to open the door for him for the world of books. Thank you!

  Kathleen Mariel, Santa Fe, New Mexico Top

I must to tell you that without this amazing program, my child would not have made the great strides in reading she did during this school year. I adopted my daughter from India in the summer of 2007. She was 7.5 years old at the time. In India, she received minimal instruction in English, but she did not speak or read English well when she arrived in the United States. I was advised by the public school system in Santa Fe, New Mexico to put her in second grade - the grade level appropriate for her age. With reservations, I did so. Mid-way through the year, it was clear that she was not receiving the kind of individual instruction that was necessary to teach her phonics. She is now 9 years old. I had her repeat second grade this year, and thanks to your program, she has surpassed most of her classmates in reading (both oral and comprehension). Her ability to write and do dictations is remarkable, as well. It is truly a miracle. I was at the end of my rope when I found your website in January 2008. This program should be in EVERY school in the United States. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  Leah, Parent, Illinois Top

My three-year-old daughter (three years and three months old) started reading when she was two, but she was memorizing the words and was unable to sound them out. So I decided it was time to introduce her to phonics before any bad habits became established. I happened across your website a month ago. I knew that for this price I could hardly buy a one-year homeschool reading program for my daughter (depending on the program, of course), so I decided to give it a try. I am so glad I did! My daughter yells "Phonics!" enthusiastically every day, and I have to limit her to one lesson per day. One day I didn't let her do a lesson because she'd misbehaved, and she walked around for an hour saying "no phonics, no phonics, oh well" with a sigh. We have worked through 28 lessons so far and her reading has gotten a little smoother, a little faster, and now we occasionally hear her sounding out a word instead of guessing. I am thrilled with her progress. Thank you so much, and thank you for making it easy enough for my three year old.

  Britten Hottel, Homeschool Co-op Member Top

My 6 year old son absolutely loves ClickN READ. He was getting bored with the usual phonics instruction, so I tried ClickN READ. Not only is he excited to do the lessons each day but he is learning to read with no effort on my part. I can see how he is advancing during our reading time. He is becoming more fluent and confident everyday. I really like how the program is segmented in to lessons so I dont have to decide where to stop. And the lessons are just long enough to be challenging but not too long where they become boring. Great program!

  M. Winston, Co-op Member Top

ClickN KIDS has turned our days around. We used to struggle each day to get through phonics. My son now wants to do phonics as long as it is ClickN KIDS. I highly recommend this program to anyone that who has a reluctant learner.

  Jacqueline P., homeschooling Co-op Member Top

My son has been struggling with reading. He is in grade two right now and there were days he did not what to even try. He just tells me he is dumb and cant do anything, I have been trying different things to make it more exciting for him all year. Then someone told me about the Homeschool Buyers Co-op so I went on it to see what is was about and came across ClickN READ Phonics, my son loves to go on it and knows alot of his sounds now and is more willing to try and sound out words. I was so thrilled with it I also just ordered the ClickN SPELL for him. He cant wait to get started on it. He loves the fact that it is animals on a space-ship. I am so much happier now and looking forward to next year. Boys learn differently than girls and this is fun and exciting for them. It goes to grade 5 I believe. Nice thing about it is that it is transferable. I would recommend it to anyone. Kids need a change from just book work and he does this on his own so I can help my other two. Even if you dont homeschool but your child is struggling help them by putting them on this program. Make them feel good about themselves.

  Jennifer, Homeschool Co-op Member Top

My first grader was struggling with reading. By using ClickN KIDS, she has been more excited about doing her schoolwork, and I have seen a huge improvement in her reading skills in just a few short weeks.

  Karen B., Homeschool Co-op Member Top

I have tried several things to help my son learn to spell and nothing worked, until ClickN SPELL. He has made such great progress with spelling and we owe it all to this great program. Thank you!

  Jessica, Homeschool Co-op Member Top

We absolutely LOVE ClickN READ Phonics! Our 8 year old son who is autistic is doing so well now with phonics and learning the foundations to reading thanks to this program.

It has also refreshed our 6 year old in learning to identify words and has taught him how to use the keyboard. The boys think the dog in this program is hilarious and they think of it more as a "game" than a school lesson. I plan to use this program with all of our kids!

  Rox, Homeschool Co-op Member Top

We use ClickN READ with children with significant learning disabilities. The kids seem to enjoy it, we will continue to use it for a long time to come. If I feel that they have not gotten it I have them redo lessons.

  J. Haggard, Homeschool Co-op Member Top

My boys, 5 and 7, love learning with ClickN KIDS! Both struggle with focusing and ClickN KIDS keeps their focus and theyre learning a lot! Couldnt be happier. Thank you for a great product. They really do think of it as a computer game and beg me to do ClickN KIDS!