Sports and Literacy
Fostering Achievement!

ClickN KIDS is proud to announce that the widely-recognized and established American Basketball Association ABA) now endorses ClickN KIDS and our line of award-winning online literacy programs for children. Both organizations share a commitment to empowering children to reach higher levels of academic achievement in life, making ClickN KIDS equally excited to support the ABA.

Research consistently shows that both literacy education and extra-curricular activities, such as sports, lead to higher academic achievement. Ensuring that sports and literacy are active parts of children's lives helps them move one step closer to academic success. By offering reduced or free game admission for children, the ABA demonstrates its commitment to encouraging all children to enjoy the sport of basketball, thereby furthering their interest in after-school activities.

ClickN KIDS is pleased to donate free ClickN READ and ClickN SPELL program subscriptions to the BullyFree ABA program, which has a strong presence in schools nationwide. ClickN KIDS and the ABA share the belief that augmenting a child's literacy education with both sports and programs like ClickN READ and ClickN SPELL will help decrease bullying incidents in schools, especially given the direct link between literacy and self-esteem and the established notion that children bully other children due to a lack of self-esteem.

American Basketball Association
Since its creation, the ABA has been one of the most recognized brands in the history of basketball - second only to the NBA. Original ABA players like Dr. J, George Gervin, David Thompson, Spencer Haywood, George McGinnis and Connie Hawkins are just a few examples of the organization's former players who are as popular today around the globe as they were 40 years ago.

With more than 90 teams in 2011 and anticipating more than 100 teams in 2012, the ABA represents the largest professional sports league in Unites States history. The ABA also has a growing global league, an international player exchange program and a TV reality show. ABA and WABA basketballs will be in stores this winter.
Womens American Basketball Association
The Women's American Basketball Association founded in 2011 will conduct an abbreviated season in January 2012 with 12 teams active. The response has been so good that Spalding is manufacturing a special WABA ball including a pink and white ball for use in special Breast Cancer promotions throughout the season. Tammy Bagby has been named Director of the WABA to maximize the potential of the WABA and to make the new league a significant part of women's professional sports.
American Basketball Association - Global
In 2009, the growth of the ABA led to a joint-venture to bring the ABA brand to various countries by way of a global league, an international player exchange program, merchandising, a television reality show, a basketball academy and venue development.

The ABA Global division has since introduced international teams to the ABA such as China (Beijing Aoshen) and the Philippines (Smart Gilas). The ABA's upcoming global league, the World Basketball Cup, will showcase countries such as Mexico, Australia, Japan and Korea besides China and the Philippines and will be held in Las Vegas, USA.

The US-based league of the ABA is continually re-inventing itself in terms of its brand, players and style of play which stands out from the rest of the basketball world. It is positioned as the global league of the future, the benchmark of which is American basketball.
BullyFree ABA
In addition to the global and U.S. branches of the ABA, the association is also the proud organizer of BullyFree ABA. BullyFree ABA is a program dedicated to giving students the intervention skills necessary to proactively confront bullying.

The program aims to present student awareness sessions that will assist schools in conflict resolution and decrease bullying incidences. Through its presentations, player testimonials and true-life examples, BullyFree ABA offers a remarkable experience designed to impact the social culture within a given school or organization.

BullyFree ABA was first established by the current CEO and Commissioner of the ABA, Mr. Joe Newman. A long-standing commissioner of the ABA, Mr. Newman recognized a need for this type of program firsthand when his own grandchildren experienced bullying.

As a national program, BullyFree ABA has garnered support from over 90 ABA franchise teams across the country. The organization's goal is to provide this unique program to the thousands of schools and organizations in each of the ABA's supporting cities. Through this intervention program, the ABA looks to reduce the incidences of physical, verbal, emotional, sexual and cyber bullying. Congruently, BullyFree ABA works to eliminate the negative outcomes of bullying, including suicides, truancy, crime and teacher abuse in schools.

For more information contact:
Paul Collier-CAA
Community Development Director for ABA Bully Program
Phone: (317) 697-0317