Learn to Read

How Kids Learn to Read

How well a child has learned to read has been shown to directly affect how well a child will do both in school and in life. Parents and teachers who achieve this kind of success in educating children know that the best readers are kids who love to read. When teaching kids to read, fostering this kind of love for books and language makes reading and all learning fun rather than a chore. Even children whostruggle can find the joy in reading and learning with the right teaching methods.


Learning to Love Reading

Learning to read starts as early as birth, when your child first hears your voice. The more interaction your child has with you as you talk or sing to them, the more interaction and connection they will have with language. Dedicating time to read to your children every single day fosters a love for reading as it makes it a habit as well as a time for bonding between parent and child. Kids will learn to read as you teach them how to hold a book upright, how words are connected to pictures that words move from top to bottom and from left to right.

As a parent when you are learning how to teach a child to read, you cannot undervalue the earliest stages of development. Each stage is crucial and taking advantage of how your child's mind works at each stage helps your child become a better reader. When your child is first starting out in school from pre-k to second grade, you can help them by making all their reading activities fun. Playing phonics games can give your child the phonemic awareness to be able to start reading books aloud.


Use Online Reading Programs to Supplement Learning

Online reading and phonics programs are an affordable way to help your kids learn to read by making it more of a game. Even if your child isn't particularly struggling, all kids can benefit from extra time reading. When reading and learning are fun, your child will enjoy doing it leading them to success later in life.

The development of phonics and reading understanding are very important during the first and second grade years. At this age you can continue to foster your child's love for reading by finding books that include their special interests like ballet or dinosaurs as well as allow them to start picking out books for themselves.

Another advantage you can give your child is by using phonics and reading programs online. These online programs incorporate learning with fun. Find first grade games and second grade games designed to target specific age groups with interactive cartoon games. If your child is struggling with learning how to read, these games are a fun and effective way to help them. The reading programs for kids and online phonics games from those of us at ClickN KIDS are used in public schools nationwide in the USA. Designed by a research professor, parents and educators alike trust us to help kids out when it comes to learning to read.