Reading Games

How Games Geared Towards Teaching Children to Read Help

When it comes to fostering a love for reading and learning, parents who start their children in the earliest stages of development give their children a definite advantage. The less interaction children have with literature and reading, the less they connect to it. On the flip side, some children simply struggle with reading despite the efforts of their parents. Whether or not your child has a diagnosed learning disability or not, giving them the extra help they need with reading will greatly improve academic successes.


Online Games Teach Phonics

When learning how to read, children need to learn the basics of phonics and develop what is called phonemic awareness. Online phonics games use colorful cartoon characters to teach children the sounds each letter makes as well as how the sounds correspond to the shape of a letter. As children advance, they can play phonics games that teach kids how different sounds put together form words. By combining fun with learning, online reading programs are effective in teaching kids to read.

Learning how to read doesn't have to be a challenge. Use online games that teach phonics and reading alongside reading activities you can do with your child. Spend time reading books aloud to your child and reviewing the basics of holding books upright, reading a story top to bottom, and left to right. Use rhyming books to engage their attention and give your child the chance to read books aloud to you.

Get your children reading at a first grade reading level or second grade reading level with the help of supplemental online reading programs. The earlier you start practicing and implementing reading skills into your child's every day activities, the more time they will want to spend reading and learning.


Fun Makes Learning Effective

Our phonics and reading programs feature a variety of online games for pre-k to the third grade. Your child will be engaged with fun cartoon games while you will have peace of mind knowing that what they're playing has been specifically designed to target their developmental stage. If your child is struggling with concepts their teacher and class has moved on from, these games are an effective way to help them catch up. With a game, your child won't know the difference between a first grade reading game and a second grade reading game so they won't feel singled out from the other kids.

Our online phonics and reading programs for kids are used in classrooms across the U.S., even to help those learning English as a second language. If you are looking for the most efficient way of how to teach a child to read, our online games are a great way to supplement traditional methods as not all children are traditional learners. Using ClickN KIDS, you can learn how kids learn to read as well as all the things you need to know as a parent or educator about teaching children to read.