Teaching a Child to Read

What Someone Teaching a Child to Read Needs to Know

Whether a parent or an educator, undertaking the task of teaching a child how to read needs to be done in a way that's effective, as learning how to read is one of the most important aspects in a child's education. What many new parents are unaware of is how early the process of learning to read takes place. Even when your child is a baby, they can begin to learn about books and reading.


How to Teach a Child How to Read

Reading to your child and having your child watch you read books helps them begin to learn the basics of reading. Things as simple as learning not to chew on books, rip the pages, etc. are just as important as learning things like that the words in a book are connected to the pictures. Take the time as a parent to teach your child how to hold a book upright, how to turn one page at a time, and how text moves from left to right. These things can be taught to children through observation. When you read to your child, even as a baby, they are taking in all the motions and sounds associated with reading a book. This is why it's important not only to read aloud to your child, but to take the time to look at words, point to pictures, and even read books again.

When you are teaching a child how to read, it should never be seen as a chore. The most effective ways of teaching a child to read is by using fun and entertaining methods. Reading can be bonding time between parents and children, as well as with siblings and friends.


Resources for Parents and Educators Teaching
Children How to Read

If you are helping a child learn to read, don't be intimidated. There are a variety of resources available that can make the process of learning how to read as well as teaching a child to read, easy and fun. Reading programs for kids can help your child get a grasp on basics like the sounds different letters make. Spoken language and written language are important for your child to connect. By combining phonics and reading, your child will learn that the words they hear are connected to the words they see written in their books.

With a world immersed in technology and electronics, kids are using technology at earlier ages. One way parents can take advantage of this is by finding reading programs online that make reading fun. Use online phonics to teach your child about letters and the sounds they make alone or combined, for a way to learn that's fun and effective.

With our online phonics and reading programs, at ClickN KIDS you'll help your child learn to read in a fun and effective way. Our programs teach phonemic awareness to sentence reading using games that are appropriate for first grade reading and second grade reading levels. Our reading programs for kids are entertaining and engaging, as well as affordable to make them available for more parents and children.