How Children Learn to Spell

How Children Learn to Spell

Your child's introduction to language begins the moment they first hear your voice. As your child grows older you'll spend time teaching them the various aspects of language including reading and writing. Part of learning to write that can be difficult for some children is learning to spell.

Children, who have been read to and around various types of written words from refrigerator alphabet magnets to the words and books, make attempts at written language very early on. When reading to a child, pointing back and forth between a picture and a word teaches the child that the picture stands for the word and vice versa. The next step as your child learns to spell is the understanding of different letters and the sounds attached to them, a very preliminary understanding of phonics. When your child gets a fuller grasp of phonemes, they start by using phonetic spelling or how the word "feels" when they say each letter.


Online Spelling Games and Activities

As your child progresses in the process of learning to spell, they start to remember letter combinations, spelling patterns, and much more. You can help your child with interactive spelling games. Online spelling games help your child learn to read by showing them the correct spelling, using sentence examples of the word, and testing the child on the spelling of the word. This type of spelling game for kids uses fun spelling activities to engage children in learning.

Our ClickN SPELL spelling software teaches kids 800 of the most commonly used words in the English language. Our spelling games for kids give them a better grasp of spelling as well as a better grasp of the English language as a whole.

If your child is struggling with spelling, spelling software that uses interactive games and activities can engage children to help them learn to spell in a way that's more effective than some of the more traditional routes.


Spelling Games for Kids of All Ages

Learning to spell is still an important foundation to have when it comes to reaching for academic success. If your child is currently struggling with learning to read and learning to spell, delaying finding supplemental help can cause them to be unable to properly express themselves using written language. Help your children to learn how to spell online using our effective and affordable interactive spelling games for children from pre-k to the fifth grade.