Spelling Games

Helping Children Develop Spelling Skills through Spelling Games

Whether you are a parent or an educator, you realize the importance of teaching your child correct spelling once they reach the proper developmental stage. This stage usually begins around the first or second grade, after children move past temporary spelling using mostly phonetic understanding of letters. Like learning how to read, the most effective way to teach children how to spell is by making it fun as compared to a chore. Spelling games and activities are a fun way to engage children in learning how to spell. Teach children that correct spelling allows them to express their thoughts and feelings in a way that everyone can understand. Online spelling software helps kids learn to spell with interactive games that use fun cartoon characters. These online spelling games allow children to hear words aloud, to hear words in the context of a sentence, and then be able to practice spelling the word without the help of seeing it. When a word is spelling wrong during a "test", the word is highlighted and the child is given a second chance at spelling it correctly.


Why Use Online Spelling Games and Activities?

As previously mentioned, researchers and experienced educators know that fun is the most effective tool in teaching kids pretty much every subject. Getting a handle on language including learning to read and learning to spell is crucial to your child's overall academic experience. If your child is struggling with learning their spelling words, practicing them may start to feel like a chore which discourages them from continuing with it.

Kids can learn to spell 800 of the most commonly used words with spelling software. Teaching 8 words at a time, spelling lessons are turned into easy to remember chunks. This will help your child gain a better and fuller grasp of the English language early on in their academic career.



Our online spelling software that can be utilized by both parents in the home as well as teachers is the ClickN SPELL program. Our spelling program is effective even for kids who struggle with learning disabilities. We are an affordable way to get your child back on the fast track of learning how to spell in a way that children will enjoy. Don't undervalue the importance of learning to spell in your child's overall curriculum. Invest in helping your child learn to spell with ClickN SPELL.