Spelling Programs for Children

Software and Programs That Help Children Learn to Spell

If your child has been struggling with learning how to spell, as a parent you may feel frustrated or at a loss of what to do to help them. Hiring a tutor or using an afterschool program may be out of the question due to time constraints as well as the costs. As all students learn differently, the way your child's teacher may be teaching spelling may not work for your individual student.


Find Resources Online

A resource for frustrated parents is spelling software. Using online interactive spelling games and activities, your child can begin to learn to spell at a rate that will quickly get them caught up with the rest of the class. Your child will learn spelling words in a comfortable environment with fun games. What makes online spelling games effective in help kids learn how to spell is that they don't feel like homework. Kids can play spelling games for an extended period of time without realizing that they are learning important words and their spelling.

Kids will learn to spell online by learning 800 of the most commonly used words in the English language. These words are used more than 13 times more than the next set of 800 commonly used words. This will help your child become a more effective communicator using the English language.


Why Choose Online Spelling Software Over Other Resources?

One of the number one reasons to invest in spelling software is that the cost. Online spelling games are much more affordable than conventional spelling tutoring. Which leads to the next point, a spelling game always sounds more appealing to children than "help" or "tutoring". Another advantage of going online to find spelling help for your child is having their success guaranteed.

At ClickN KIDS, we guarantee that your child's spelling will approve along with their grasp of the English language. We believe in our software and programs for spelling as well as reading because they are based on the research of Dr. J. Ron Nelson.

Our ClickN SPELL program is used both by parents of kids struggling with learning disabilities and in classrooms for all kids across America. Explore our website further to learn why our software and programs are the best out there when it comes to effectively getting your child to succeed in their spelling and reading endeavors.