The Benefits of Summer Reading Programs

Summer is a great season that everybody awaits passionately for its arrival. Schools are on vacation during this period. Children take time to relax at home. However, indulging in excess relaxation and fun can lead to reading loss as research has shown. Fortunately, today in the States there are many libraries that offer summer reading programs to children. There are many benefits that can be derived from these reading programs by children who attend them.
Research carried out at John Hopkins University shows that students experience learning and reading loss when they are not taking part in active education. Enrolling in reading programs is an excellent way of forestalling such reading loss. Therefore, parents should enroll their kids in summer reading programs. This will serve as a continuation of their academic pursuit. When they are enrolled in these programs, their vacation period will become useful to them. It will help them to avoid indulging in excessive frivolities associated with the summer.

Developing reading enthusiasm is a big problem that is facing most kids and even undergraduates today. Many students find it difficult to read when the schools are not in session. This is because they do not have the interest to read. Enrolling in reading programs will help students to develop good reading habits that will help them in life. While attending these reading programs children will have the opportunity of reading many books that interest them. By reading those books regularly they will form good reading habits without realizing it.

Comprehension is very crucial in every child’s education. At the early stage of their learning career, children internalize what they are taught. Recent research on the benefits of reading programs shows that children who enroll in these summer program learn quickly and do better in class than children who do not attend these programs. You will be helping your child greatly if you can enroll him or her in these reading programs.  It will help them to develop their ability to comprehend.

Another problem that is facing most kids in school is retaining what they are taught in school. Most children forget easily because their retentive memory has not been fully developed. Enrolling them in summer reading programs will help to develop their retentive ability. During this program they will be exposed to interesting children’s literature. They will like to read these books regularly because they love the content. By reading these books regularly they will be able to internalize what they are learning.

Reading programs are also of great economic benefits to parents. Training children can be very expensive. Nowadays, there are quite a good number of public libraries that provide summer reading programs free of charge. If you do not have money to enroll your child in a private reading program, you can take advantage of these public libraries. You will not only save some money but you will also help your child to improve his or her reading skills.